Superfiend used to gleam and glow before he became a fiend for blow.  And if any of you in the audience get that reference, hbi2k owes you another high five.  For everyone else, here’s our #5 finalist: Super Fiends!

Congratulations to Mynameis Earl!  If you enjoyed this video, check him out on YouTube!

Stay tuned after the video for our judges’ commentary!

  • Schwann145

    Lol, seeeriously, how do you deduct for source footage (in this, or any, entry)?
    Unless you are trying to insist that they *reanimate from scratch* then the source is what it is and you work with it.

  • Rowa

    So did no one get the Space Ghost Coast to Coast vibe from this? Black Manta was Moltar and Zorak, Bizzaro was Brak, and Lex Luthor was Space Ghost. So many judges boast this episodes premise when the entire premise was just a copy of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

  • Bruce Wayne

    good praise from LK, and deserved too

  • I really liked this one, but again, not sure why it’s so high in comparison to some of the other entries. Everything was well balanced and good, but it never quite went further beyond to be amazing. An incredibly solid entry, but just not #6 worthy.

  • Alexandru von Carstein

    Not bad at all, oh man this was so hilarious

  • Yuso Yagari

    LK why don’t you judge the first episode of YGOTAS

  • Matt

    It starts off a little slow with some of the jokes falling flat, but the jokes build off each other in an amazing way so that it just gets funnier and funnier as it goes.

  • Dominick

    Black Manta is best character, I love the name mind-fucker, and the Super Friends actually calling the Legion of Doom to get them to hurry up their deeds was priceless. I also loved the TV Screen Image changing what’s on it every time the scene comes back to it because it reminds me of one particular DBZA edit with the back of Vegeta’s pink shirt, so bonus points there. And I loved the joke with the coffee machine and Bizzaro’s brand of dirt.

  • John Krauss

    Wow, I was giggling to myself like an idiot from the title sequence to the ending. The accents and the villains’ gimmicks might have gone on too long, but if you ask me that’s what made it so funny.

  • nothxrlly

    Office theme**

  • McFortner

    You can tell who never watched this as it was originally aired in the 70s and 80s. TV back then had crappy resolution and the animation was very limited and mostly static. A lot of scenes were just the Legion of Doom just sitting around talking about what they were going to do, so what they achieved with what was available is incredible. It deserves a better ranking than it got.

  • Well I also did the “super friends Abridged” and congrats to the super fiends for making this high! I clearly focused on the wrong type of “comedy” for this contest.

  • Mr. Random

    This was Great. Genuinely hilarious. I just wish there was more here for a series.

  • Eu lia Tu lias

    I swear to god, if Star Wrecked isn’t in this Top 10, I’m gonna…

  • Nicholas Howell

    It was good and had some chuckle moments. But I don’t think it was #5 good. Maybe somewhere between 15 and 10. I do like the portrayal on the villains instead of focusing on the “good” guys. Could have done more with varying voices.

  • Frodo

    It’ the office theme not Parks and Recs

  • goombacrusher

    Looks like Star Wrecked made it into the top 4 eh?

    • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

      What makes you think it made the Top 30?

      • Well, only Star Wrecked, Panic! at the Hakusho, and your honorable mention are liked by the TFS YouTube channel. Could be a clue? Could be a red herring? Who knows!

      • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

        But we don’t even have any likes on the TFS YouTube channel?

      • Well played, Kaiser. I don’t see any liked videos anymore. I went to screenshot what I saw last night and now the whole list is missing!

        Could’ve just been a coincidence, though.

      • goombacrusher


  • ThrowingPancakes

    This is the only one so far that I like better than One Piece of Junk. I hope the rest of the top 5 are around this level!

  • Tristan Barends

    I’ll say this: So far out of all the TIBA entries, this is the one I had to watch again, don’t get me wrong, all of them are good, but I absolutely love this entry

  • Nabnett 108

    Man this Top Ten has been so good that it got me thinking. We all know that Dragon Ball Z Abridged has gotten a lot better over the years, but which episode was the true turning point for the series? And for that matter, what was the first episode worthy enough to make it into the Top 30, and also the Top 10? To me, it was right before the Ginyu Force showed up that Team Four Star really stepped up their game. What do you guys think?

    • AyamineKei

      vegeta and nappa getting to earth was where i felt like the show just got that much better.

  • Kai Jordan

    What I liked about this entry is that it really reminds of Space Ghost Coast to Coast with how hilariously mundane the conversations are.

    Black Manta’s sarcasm even reminded me of Moltar from Space Ghost.

  • Matt McKisson

    I thought it was funny, but honestly a video where it’s just people talking in one place in one scene can only go so far.

  • ThatWasFred

    This was good; the supervillain banter was great. The idea of a supervillain organization being run like an office building is nothing new, with The Venture Bros. probably being the all-time standard – so while this didn’t really add anything new to that concept, it is definitely a well-done example of it.

    My favorite subtle joke in the whole thing was when the Riddler asked “What’s bald and full of himself?” and Bizarro guessed Donald Trump. I’m assuming in Bizarro world, Trump probably is bald, since that’s pretty much the opposite end of the hair spectrum from where he is in our world.

    • asduton

      If I were to think of opposite of Trump, I would probably picture long, glorious black locks.

    • Daniel Quinlan

      I think the joke is that Trump’s hair is actually a wig or a toupee or something of the like.

  • android19

    I liked it. The top ten has been a good time so far. Can’t wait to see what’s still to come.

  • bob

    The All-Mighty Brainiac approves of this entry!

  • Kyo And Ruka

    This was our editor’s favorite but wow, I can’t believe this made the Top 10. I mean the editing was definitely superb and same with the voice acting; I just didn’t find it funny at all. I wasn’t expecting it to make the Top 30 this far in. Wow, I just can’t believe how many great entries aren’t making this competition compared to what is.

    • android19

      It’s almost like humor is SUUUUUPER subjective. I found this very funny.

      • Just Iron

        I full heartedly agree! “Humor is SUUUUUPER subjective”. Now if you excuse me my funny bone has just gotten cancer from watching this entry and my only hope is to watch the older entries to cure said riddled cancerous funny bone.

  • Glad one of my seven made the top 5, great work. Interesting other entries from same artist.

  • Joel Waldmann

    I feel like this is everything LK’s “Evil Council” series wants to be and just does it a whole lot better. Definitely deserving of its Top 5 spot! Kudos!

  • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

    While this is good, I’m not sure it’s top 5 good. Mostly because of two reasons. The first is, as Kaiser said, it doesn’t really go anywhere. I know the Superfriends was a battle of the day affair, but I would have liked to see a proper ending or resolution, maybe even some action with the office politics in full swing. The other is that it doesn’t stand out enough in the visual edits. Some of them like the bottle of piss, yes, I get the joke, but…distracting? Unnecessary? And also, not enough to differentiate it from Dumb Justice of ROTK.

    Okay, negative all out of the way, I do still think this belongs in the top 10. For one, the script is really tight, the banter is fast and furious, and this keeps the pace up well. I do think the flaps are great and the voice work is top notch, with
    enough different characters with quirks that it does feel like a room of
    wholly unique beings rather than one man doing his man of 100 voices
    routine. The audio mixing was good and some of the audio humor, like Lego Batman’s song did get me. Best joke of the set, “So that’s why Grundy has literally been Sh*ting bricks.” I like this and I would watch more of it. The characters were well defined and I agree that the supervillains dealing with mundane things trope works well here. Not my favorite of the contest, but still damned good, kudos guys.

  • MynameisEarl

    I don’t really know what to say, so I’ll do my best not shit the bed. Thank you to the judges for your feedback, I really appreciated it. Even though I’ve technically been ‘editing’ for a while, I still have a lot to learn and hope to continue to do better in that respect, as well as my writing and acting. To all of you that watched this video, liked it (that whole YouTube mantra) thank you. Thanks to your critiques and kind words. I hope to work with some of you creators in the future as that is the main reason I have wanted to do this. I just want to make stuff with people. 🙂 Thanks again!

    • TheMajinV

      Dude, your entry is definitely getting the praise it deserves. I loved this one, and I know that this one was a favorite of at least a few friends of mine (one of which was pumped to hear that you finished so high), so I’d say keep trucking with the content – you’ve got a great foundation here!

    • Michael Guthrie

      Your entry was my favorite dude. Congrats on top 5!

  • Michael Wiesner

    “the dream machine, I mean the Mindfucker”
    This hole discussion was great and I love every min of this.

  • i think that for the next tiba tfs need to implement a rule that they cant complain about the source footage unless they they know there is better quality or in the case of very old shows such as this one they themselves can find better source footage

    • ThatWasFred

      The problem, as hbi2k said, was that the footage appeared poorly encoded (meaning it had some digital “blips” and things in it that resulted from however it was transferred). MynameisEarl admitted that, though he did purchase DVDs to get the source footage, something about his ripping process introduced some digital artifacts into the video. There are ways to fix that, but it clearly wasn’t a big enough problem to prevent this video from placing crazy-high in the competition.

  • Joshua Toback

    Wow! I expected Star Wrecked to be here. Still this is an amazing entry and I am excited for the top 4!

  • Ivan LeRoy

    An all around solid entry that’s exceptional in it’s handle of a wide array of characters with spectacular VA performances. However, I’m personally not a fan of the mundane office talk used for humor schtick. It’s used more in abridging than most people realize and this entry and particular does not reinvent the wheel in any regard. Better to leave that schtick in the late 2000’s where it belongs (fuck I felt old just typing that).

    Interesting Note: We’re at the point now in the countdown where a good entry is going to get snubbed. Grab your popcorn gents, the salt is on it’s way.

  • staindgrey

    *Again*. Why is “source footage” a negative? It’s a show from the 1960s! I don’t understand.

    • Ben “hbi2k”

      The jagginess points to the footage being poorly encoded. Without knowing where MyNameIsEarl got his footage, I don’t know if he downloaded it from a badly-encoded torrent or created the problem himself at some point while preparing the footage for editing. Either way, the problem isn’t inherent to the show, and can be fixed by finding a better source (such as buying the DVDs if you’re using torrented footage) and/or implementing various fixes during the ripping / encoding process.

      Obviously it’s not THAT big a problem or this entry wouldn’t have placed so highly, but it’s mildly distracting and almost always avoidable.

      • MynameisEarl

        Yeah, that’s my bad. I don’t really have a lot of experience with nabbing footage from DVD’s, but rest assured, I purchase anything that I attempt to “edit.” Thanks for the feedback and providing some links on twitter on where to go to fix this.

      • Ben “hbi2k”

        Properly ripping / encoding DVDs for editing without introducing artifacts like that can be a real pain in the ass depending on how it’s encoded, and unfortunately it usually comes down to trial-and-error until you find the method that works best with the footage you’re stuck with. It’s entirely possible that even if you’d had more experience, it wouldn’t have been worth spending the time with only a month to do all the writing, casting, recording, and editing. Those are the kind of compromises you have to make when you’re working under a deadline, unfortunately.

      • Magmafrost13 .

        Doesn’t that mean its basically random whether anyone can get their hands on good source footage though? If its random trial and error to get the footage, then its random how quickly someone can get it, thus restricting them to either something they can find good source footage for, or losing points for bad source footage. To me that seems like a flaw in the competition.

      • Ben “hbi2k”

        Again: when you’re working under a deadline, you make compromises, and sometimes you take risks. Making those compromises and taking those risks intelligently is just as much a skill as editing or voice acting.

      • Brian Rodriguez

        I would recommend using VLC Media player to rip footage from dvd’s it takes the length of the whole dvd to do so but you get extremely clear footage as long as the dvd’s had good quality then you are going to rip good quality hope this helps in the future and good luck.BTW you just got yourself a new sub.

      • staindgrey

        Thanks for the clarification. I’m still not sure I agree with that logic when it comes to a contest with such short notice, as not every entrant has access to the same software/hardware and not every series has a high quality version available, but all the same, I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I hadn’t seen any further clarification on what “source footage” meant in the other videos’ comment sections.

      • Ben “hbi2k”

        You can say that about anything. Not every entrant has access to the same quality of microphone or editing hardware/software. Not every entrant has voice actor friends who are willing to contribute lines. We still, at the end of the day, have to judge based on the finished product, not how they got there.

      • That’s a good point, and I’m sure you guys take that sort of stuff into consideration when judging. I’d argue, however, that most other issues can be overcome with a bit of creative thinking and persistence. The quality of the source footage can’t really be worked around at all if you don’t have the right burner or special edition of something. (Or if your series is so obscure that all the footage kinda sucks.) It doesn’t seem to be a determining factor in your overall scores, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. But the constant critiquing of “source footage” has me and my friends chuckling now every time we hear it brought up.

        Come to think of it, that would be a great drinking game if we watched all the entries in a row!

  • DoktorApplejuce

    Huge congrats to Mynameis Earl on this one. There were a lot of really strong entries in this competition, and a lot I really enjoyed, but this is the one that made me laugh the most. I must have re-watched it about 20 times by now, and it’s still making me crack up.

    • MynameisEarl

      Thanks again man. 🙂

    • I loved this too, Earl.