We all know that justice is blind, but did you know she’s also dumb? It’s #TIBA Finalist #6: Dumb Justice!

Congratulations to DoktorApplejuice and the whole crew!  If you enjoy this video, check them out on YouTube!

Stay tuned after the video for our judges’ commentary!

Cast & Credits

Written by:
-Ashe Thurman

Edited by:

-James O'Byrne (Intro VO, Superboy)
-Braux Pas (Aqualad)
-Ashe Thurman (Miss Martian, Child)
-DoktorApplejuce (screaming fish, Kid Flash, Batman, Superman)
-Ryu (Artemis Crock, Reporter)
-Zillah (Interviewer, Red Tornado)
-Syraphic (Zatanna Zatara)
-SkyeeLineArt (Black Canary)
-Namaki Walton (Robin)
  • Alex Larsen

    I’m surprised they didn’t use the scene where Superboy kisses Miss Martian who’s shape shifted into Black Canary, as an addition to the Black Canary scene in this video. It would have fit.

  • MrSaporito

    I knew this was gonna be good with the fish joke, but I LOST IT at Batman…

  • Lurker in the shadows

    Thermonuclear weapon detonates; hundreds dead.. Where the hell did they detonate it? Antarctica?!

  • I.. I feel like I might be insane cause I know this is very high up for a reason, but I just can’t see WHY. I didn’t like this at all, and I only laughed maybe once. I can tell a lot of effort was put into it, but… I just don’t understand why people like this one so much. I’ve liked pretty much all of them up to this point, this is the only one I ever thought was just bland. I don’t get it, am I crazy? Is something wrong with me? Is something wrong with everyone else? I don’t understand 🙁

  • Bruce Wayne

    Funniest entry thus far. Laughed the whole time. Though I am a sucker for the source material.

    • Bruce Wayne

      also, those eye roll edits!

  • MynameisEarl

    Never officially commented on this dude, but again, congrats. You guys did some amazing stuff here 🙂

  • Brian Rodriguez

    In all honesty DC Abridged Universe(TheFedoraPlayers) did Young Justice abridged way better than this this was funny but when you can’t surpass the first episode of an older abridged series of the same property you didn’t do well enough yes this guys have the better editing but that’s about it the comedy was a swing and miss for me with the exception of a few lines that made me giggle it was mostly predictable and unfunny.It was better than a lot of the entries but i really didn’t like it personally mostly because i have seen it done way better before so this was meh for me.

  • Shadow

    Sadly, I have no idea why this was ranked so highly.
    It was good, sure, but boring and not really all that funny. It had funny parts, but with a title like “Dumb Justice”, it’s obvious that the characters are going to do and say stupid things, which makes literally everything expected and predictable. Aside from the part about Robin drugging superboy, it took no effort at all to be able to tell exactly where a joke was going or what was going to be next.

    Yes, the technical stuff was awesome, like editing and voice acting and whatnot, but most people don’t watch stuff for that. It helps and is essential, but it’s like the neighborhood and exterior of a house- if it’s bad, no one wants to live there, but if it’s good, you’ll regret living there if the inside of the house is coming apart. That’s kinda what I felt here.
    Not quite regret, but I am surprised I watched the entire thing, as there was nothing to gain from it.

    It’s more confusing that the judges have been involved in really funny and sometime unpredictable things, and yet they all agreed that this was funny and entertaining, when I have literally no idea why anyone would think this.

  • Rowa

    This is what it would be like if TANTOR was Batman.

  • Disgruntled cat

    I dont see any reason this scored as high as it did, I’ve seen a lot of entry’s in this contest, my favorite being how I caught your mother, but this one was legitimately unfunny for the majority of it and when it finally actually made me laugh it was over. To be honest I’ve seen far worse and the edits are legitimately impressive I don’t see how it deserved to place this high.

  • MasterRazor

    This was the best one I’ve seen by far. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at any other entry.

  • Rkelly

    I didn’t really like this entry. It felt really long, and I didn’t laugh. Sorry for the negativity, but it legitimately confuses me how well this did.

  • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

    Before we do anything else…anyone reminded of Linkara and Nash reviewing the JLA movie? Yeah, this is that movie done right XD. I’m with YamatoSFX in that while the mockumentary format does work here and leads to some great punchlines, a more cohesive story would have been nice, as I don’t see this continuing beyond a one off into an abridged series. It certainly can, but this feels more like a pilot than an episode 1 to me. The script was smart and funny and I feel some of the sex jokes took a page from deviantartist Nebezial…who is well known for his biting DC humor. Sound design is competent, but a bit…lacking in punch. It works, it’s not distracting, but it doesn’t stand out either.

    I do want to comment on the eyes. This is kind of a double edged sword because they give the characters so much…well…character. Many of the punchlines wouldn’t feel natural without those edits. That said, they are the most distracting visual edit for me personally.

    This one still doesn’t beat out ROTK abridged for me, because it feels like a one off and I do think that series had more punch in the characters, jokes, and sound, but that said, this is smart, has an interesting take on Young Justice, and has visual edits that really do add to the characters as a whole. The superboy face paint gag got me, I have to admit. Overall, this didn’t make me laugh out loud the way other series have, but it was still entertaining and earned a few quiet chuckles. Well deserving of its place in the top 10. I would probably pass on a full series because the format is not for me, but this is still an amazing entry.

  • Chase TB

    Am I the only one that really didnt like this? I mean, dont get me wrong. It deserves a spot on the list just for the effort put into it alone. But top ten? I dont know. The writing didnt really hit me, the jokes were all cut-away gags, and I never really laughed at all through out the video. Yet this was like the most hyped out of the competition. I mean, kudos to the creators for making it this far. But am i missing something?

    • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

      Hehe, watch Kaiser’s honorable mention with Lupin abridged, then see if this doesn’t deserve it XD No, I see where you’re coming from as some of the jokes aren’t for everyone, but I do think it’s worthy of it, if not for humor, then for entertainment value, which I value more highly over pure laughs.

  • ATLien

    The Almighty Brianiac called it :D. Big ups and congrats, tha kid knew ya’ll’d make it this high.

  • Nicholas Howell

    I am extremely surprised the judges liked this at all and am once again crushed by expectations left from the previous ranking and rankings. I understand the mockumentary style of comedy and commentary is the thing, but it is definitely outdated at this point. If this was about 5 years ago, then I could see it, but the style is definitely what I personally like. That part is my opinion. While there were some jokes that roused a chuckle, the rest was very lackluster and left a lot to be desired. I’m sure the judges absolutely loved it because of the quality of the video material they were using (which is a completely bogus measure of analysis), and while the visual edits were pretty good, it was mostly just eye movements. The voice acting was fine and most of the voices fit. This definitely should have been somewhere in the 20s. It did not deserve this placement.

    • Rkelly

      I agree, how did this do so well?

  • Ivan LeRoy

    DoktorAppleJuice was my dark horse for this competition and I’m truly elated to see him ranked so highly.

    However, I personally feel it’s too high. The visual edits are obviously exceptional amongst the other entries, however, everything else feels painfully directionless and empty. Characters are merely delivery drones for punchlines and surrealism, while the mockumentary format delivers a disjointed series of skits rather than a coherent story.

    Fortunately, these are not only easily remedied but factors that DAJ has already taken into consideration when picking his future projects. He’s had his pick of the litter ever since this was first uploaded and his future in this community continues to look even brighter. Congrats!

    • DoktorApplejuce

      Definitely don’t disagree in any capacity with what you’re saying about the characters; we certainly dropped the ball in that department, and will be focusing on actually fleshing them out in the future. And, while I think the idea of having it be almost like a reality series decreases the necessity for as developed a plot as your typical abridged series, I do agree that we could do with much better direction, and have some sort of a story being told, rather than a loose collection of one-shots as it was; something we will work on for the next episode for sure.

  • Michael Wiesner

    The face paint crack me totally up really hard. I like the Joke a lot.

    This is short an sweet and love it.
    I can not really can tell more

  • Let’s Dub Project (Tyranee)

    I knew this would be up here somewhere 🙂

    Congratulations to everyone involved. A well deserved spot in the contest. Bravo. Not to brag, but having 2 entries with a lot of people from our group involved get #8 and #6 in this contest is pretty damn awesome.

    Fantastic work.

    • Ashe and Fire

      You…..are incorrigible. Good thing I like you. Put it on the website.

  • CHAOS101

    whats with all the damn adverts running in the background , clean that shit up . lol

  • Joshua Toback

    This was my pick for #6. I think the thing that went unpraised was the lip flaps. Absolutely perfect, and for western animation, thats really hard. I think most of the jokes land, and that Batman voice was perfect. Overall, one of my favorite entries.

    PS: I want more.

    • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

      I didn’t comment on the lip flaps, but you’re absolutely right. They’re really well done, unobtrusive, and natural…I just finished watching TFS start their Xenoverse 2 run and these guys do lip flaps 100 times better than Namco Bandai. Funny how that works, huh XD

  • Ashe and Fire

    Comedy writing of this nature is so far out of metier that I knew coming into this (and the other projects that I’m helping Dok with) I’d be working outside of my element. So to get so much positive feedback on the writing itself and such earnest and reasonable critiques is incredibly encouraging. I knew we were taking a chance with our framing device, but it seems like it was a worthwhile gamble in the end if only just to try something new. I’m so glad that, as a writer, I got to have this experience, so thank you judges for making it happen.

    As we move in to the next episode, we’re trying to put even more love and devotion into it. To make it better than the first and really try to push the characterizations that, admittedly, fell a little flat this first time out. I’m hoping everyone will come on that journey with us.,

    And an effluence of thanks to my fellow cast mates who were able to make something so spectacular out of this. It wouldn’t be what it was without them. I love you, guys!

  • ThatWasFred

    I loved this! Short and sweet, super well-written and well-executed. I guess I agree that it’s pretty disjointed and is just a showcase of jokes that are not bound together by anything. But hey, when it works it works! Love this, definitely want to see more.

  • zekana

    the idea of the reality show has a lot of potential and i can imagine it working extremely well with the source material. the writing and jokes were good and quite a few did make me laugh.
    onto the negatives:
    it felt like you were cutting from joke to joke at some moments. each joke was funny and all but there wasn’t much binding each separate scene together.

    even with the negative, i still think this abridged series deserves to be in the top 10 and i’d love to see more episodes of it.

  • Jesse Gold

    This was my favorite entry (besides my own). Loved the documentary style, loved what you did with Batman, and really top-notch visual editing. Was 100% certain you’d make top 3, so I have no clue what could be next. Exciting!

  • Overthinker

    the no6 spot didn’t give this abridged justice, it was dumb. it was..DUMB JUSTICE bam boom tsssss

  • I… didn’t think it was funny and no plot happened? Sorry…

  • also
    favourite line

  • we’re getting to the point where im thinking “you cant top this so what could be next?” and im being proved wrong at every turn
    that is definitley a good thing

  • DoktorApplejuce

    Holy shit. I really wish I had something more eloquent to say, but I think that sums it up my thoughts right now as effectively as possible. I want to say a huge thank you to my co-writer, Ashe, as well as our awesome cast.

    We’re currently working on the script for the second episode, and will most certainly be taking the critiques here to heart. I agree that we could definitely do with working on the characters, and making them stand out as individuals. In a set-up like this, where there really isn’t much of a plot, there’s no excuse for having flat characters. As for sound design, that has always been by far my weakest point as an editor. I’m reading up as much as I can, and have been getting advice from people who do excel in that department. We’re also taking our time on this one. The script for our entry was written in a day. We’re not doing such a rush job on it again.

    Thank you to the guys at Team Four Star for holding Tiba, and thank you to the judges that spent their time going through all the entries. Now, I’ll leave before I ramble on any longer… probably to go riot naked in the streets.

    • Ben “hbi2k”

      This was my favorite entry. That’s not to say that I disagree with any of the other judges’ criticisms or have a problem with any of the Top 5, because those are all amazing too, but just so you know… this was my favorite entry.

      • DoktorApplejuce

        That actually means a lot, thank you!

    • nobody

      were you inspired by DCUNIVERSEABRIGED at all.
      if not i would watch it just to avoid stealing their jokes,

      • DoktorApplejuce

        I have seen some of their stuff, and while they do solid work and have some very enjoyable episodes, Dumb Justice was in no way inspired by them.

  • James Oh Burn