Something something Nuzlocke Sun & Moon. Now that we’ve got the SEO out of the way, here’s #TIBA Finalist #7: How I Caught Your Mother!

Congratulations to TheMidnightFrogs! Β If you enjoyed this video, check them out on YouTube!

Stay tuned after the video for our judges’ commentary!

  • Tyrone Wells

    Really surprising that the creators of The Muffin Button have a poor taste random/absurd humor.

  • Docter Flooff

    That was absolutely hilarious.

  • Schwann145

    I got a very fast laugh out of this, but then the stupidity just didn’t stop and the overwhelming amount of it just killed any chance of it being funny. I’m shocked this made it so high on the list, as there were plenty of lower-placed entries that seemed to do better.
    Maybe it won it’s place on the tech? Buuut looking at other comments, apparently I’m close to alone on not finding it funny. πŸ˜›
    (tl;dr – KaiserNeko’s review is spot on.)

  • DeltaSea

    I loved this one. Its my personal favorite, but my only issue is something not even the judges pointed out, and that is how they couldn’t decide whether they wanted to call the rival character Blue or Green.

    • Fenixfoxtrot

      That was an intentional joke by the Midnightfrogs. One of the writers didn’t know his name wasn’t blue and the other two thought it was hilarious.

  • My sides hurt from laughing so hard. Especially at the 5:35 mark. That’s the one that killed me the most for some reason, I almost chocked from it XD. While there is very little cohesive plot or use of much of the source material’s actual meaning, but you can tell SO MUCH thought and time was put into every joke in this. It was dumb yet clever humor and I really can’t get enough of it! πŸ˜€

  • Bruce Wayne

    as hbi2k said, i really liked not knowing what the fuck was going on

  • Damian Byrne

    Can anyone tell me what the girl says after Rattata ate his kids, she turns around and creepy music plays for a sec? Something about mother’s milk? I dunno.

    • Asvaldr Nightingale

      “And I am all their mothers now”

  • Okamizen

    Crossed the line between random-funny and random-dumb to appeal much to me personally, but the voice acting and the editing were all very good so if this is your cup of tea in the humor department this is one of the best made i’ve seen.

  • Daniel Quinlan

    Definitely my favorite so far. I agree with LittleKuribo in that it reminds me heavily of PurpleEyesWTF, and that is always a good thing.

  • tras_

    This is honestly my favorite of the entries. As they all said random humor is rare to nail an audience with but the edits and VA were on point. I think it’s hard to write good random that had flow and isn’t something reminiscent of YouTube poops.

  • While the script wasn’t perfect, I found myself coming back over and over again to this. I’m really surprised this wasn’t top 5, I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

  • bob

    The f*ck is a Tangela???

  • Nabnett 108

    Man this Top Ten has been so good that it got me thinking. We all know that Dragon Ball Z Abridged has gotten a lot better over the years, but which episode was the true turning point for the series? And for that matter, what was the first episode worthy enough to make it into the Top 30, and also the Top 10? To me, it was right before the Ginyu Force showed up that Team Four Star really stepped up their game. What do you guys think?

  • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

    Weirdly enough, I don’t actually have much to comment on here. The script is good, the actors deliver their lines expertly, the audio mixing supports the dialogue and the tone, and the visual edits are all spot on. For some reason, though, it’s just not my thing. Can’t really explain it. I like pokemon, so that’s not it. Maybe I don’t like the fact that everyone is a criminal/asshole? I honestly don’t know, because it did lead to some funny moments. Anyway, this is still a technically impressive piece and has every right to be here. Well done.

  • OverlordZetta

    I’m legitimately shocked this one got this high. Well done to the folks behind it, but it was not my thing at all.

    • I kind of feel the same, but at the same time, it was entertaining enough for me to watch it multiple times despite a bit too much reliant on “random” humor.

  • Digital Gent

    Ah, this was in my personal top 3 of the several TIBA Entries I watched, and I’m somewhat surprised this only got ranked 7. It’s one of the few ones that actually got me to laugh out loud, and I thought it’d at least be in the top 5. That random singing woman left me in stitches, haha.

    Although I suppose the lack of cohesion and the overuse of random gags is a fair point by the judges. Oh well, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what the next 6 sentries are at any rate.

  • Ivan LeRoy

    The first entry to truly shock me for not placing higher. But to remain honest with these entries as I have been, I need to admit this is from the best script in the competition. It’s funny, fuck, it’s HILARIOUS; but it is not remotely coherent. The jokes stem from either surreal nothingness, visual commentary, or actual visual placements and do not come from nor, do they advance the story.

    Still my favorite entry though and I will indeed riot if I find the next entries lacking (I already know of one for sure that’s going to cause this problem).

  • Dark Star

    The only part that made me laugh was the “Professional Orphan”.. #8 made me laugh on a whole other level. I really really wanted to laugh my ass off possible twice as much as #8..*sigh*.Oh well.. gonna wait a day and see what #6 has in store for me.

  • Disgruntled cat

    How did this not win!?

  • Red

    This is the only one that held my interest, got quite a few laughs out of me, and actually left a good impression. And it makes 7. Hoo-boy, either there was a serious salt-fueled bloodbath among the judges, or something’s up with the things I consider good, because this one’s gonna get some serious flack.

    BUT. It made it to the Top 10, so I’m still a little happy about that. TheMidnightFrogs did well to make it this far.

  • Matt McKisson

    Script wasn’t the strongest imo (there were a few laugh out loud moments, though), but the editing & especially the voice acting is amazing. Green sounds like Todd Haberkorn ffs. Plus I WANT COME AND CATCH YOUR LOVE IN A FULL SOUNDCLOUD TRACK

  • Kyo And Ruka

    Not much to be said, everyone knows how all around amazing this one was and A LOT of people were predicting this to get first. This is the first entry they’ve shown in the whole contest that could be labeled as a “great” abridged and would be a series lots of people would actually watched. I’m interested to see what ranks higher than this.

  • Craig Furguson

    the first and second time (and even the third) I was in tears laughing. At first I didnt think it was that good, as I watched it the third and fourth, I came to appreciate some of the more cleaver writing and self references. (Also learning afterward about Green/Blue’s name confusion being a reference to his name changing between the Japanese and English dub of the actual show, was fun.
    Honestly surprised this didn’t rank higher

  • Just Iron

    I thought this was made before the contest was announced. It feels like ages since I watched this last But now that I know it’s legit I am very happy it made it this far.

  • Giving the series a different starting point is a clever approach, even if the humor was too random for me. But this does just kind of turn it into its own thing, like more of a reappropriation of the footage than an abridged.

    • I might be interested in seeing more of that kinda thing, but I think the episode itself felt weird: despite abridging what was effectively already abridged, the episode still managed to drag a bit at Cubone & Marowak, as even though their lines were funny, they were out of place as talking characters.

  • XaviortheSavior

    Just a quick shoutout: These guys also have a Let’s Play channel called TheStrawHatNO, and the energy they use for their commentary there definitely carries over to the voice acting here. My favorite part of this was ThornBrain yelling “Get out!” at the Growlithe.

  • android19


  • triforce_chic

    I LOOK STUPID IN THESE!! lolololol x,D

  • TactilePope

    Much too random and off the walls for my taste– a somewhat exhausting watch, not because of low quality, but the way it was put together.

    • Dark Star


    • Dreadkos_Otherworldβ˜…

      Yup. It was great, the jokes killed me most of the time, but too much too soon.

      Which is completely ok for a single TIBA entry, but as a first episode it would be worth toning it down a notch.

  • ShepherdShang

    I was genuinely expecting this to be in the top 5, but then I really like their sense of humor.
    TheMidnightFrogs have been making abridged stuff since 2010, so if you’re not familiar with them i highly recommend you check them out.

  • The Doctor

    This is amazing

  • Overthinker

    gosh. LittleKuriboh, i do know what a MENT is, it’s not as a popular word term for parodies as ”abridging” though, but im not quite sure about what term is more popular, need to check with the inventor of the word for tha. o wait.

  • Nicholas Howell

    Hbi2k has my sentiments for this wholeheartedly. I knocked on another finalist entry that was ‘LOL Random XD’ but this was cohesive and flowed wonderfully with its jokes and randomness. Somehow this one just worked! It was a different take on the series and it worked beautifully. I could have seen this as a top 5 entry. Amazing work guys! The singing was a different but unique touch that added that little ‘oomph’ that really set it apart from the rest.


    Have to be honest, dunno how this is #7 with that script, everything else on point but the script was too random to be funny, but not random enought to be silly funny if that makes sense? That’s my opinion anyway.

  • SonicKurosaki

    Oh man, this is only #7?!?!!? I can’t wait to see what comes after this

    • Tyrone Wells

      Just disappointment.

  • I’m incredibly interested in what makes the top six if this and Romance of the Three Kingdoms wasn’t. Congrats on 7th, MidnightFrogs, this was great!

  • freem

    To be honest I expected this entry to be atleast in top 5, Anyway that was very funny for me. Congratulations

  • Michael Wiesner

    “Living a Lie, Jim”
    This has make me really laugh so hard that I stop the Video xD