#TIBA finalist #8 has too much romance for just one kingdom.  It’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms Abridged!

Congratulations to Tom Schalk, the Let’s Dub Project, and the entire crew!  If you enjoy this video, check the Let’s Dub Project and Tom Schalk out on YouTube!

Stay tuned after the video for our judges’ commentary!

  • Nordey McKier

    This is probably my favorite one and I’ve eve seen the source material. Mad Props.

  • Zachary Alfred

    Why doesn’t DBZA have fancy borders like that?!

  • Kuma

    This is my favorite by far.

  • ScottishWolf

    Ok this is my favourite

  • ralphyman

    This one was definitely one of my favorites! It could have easily won IMO

  • My word, PLEASE give us more of this! I absolutely LOVED this! Everything about this was fantastic (minus the few missed lip flaps but I don’t really care about that :p) I greatly encourage the creator to try and produce more of this, they’ve got something golden here, and I’d watch every single bit of what they produced ^^

  • Bruce Wayne

    ah dynasty warriors memories…and I read the book, so I enjoyed this

  • Anthony Florez

    Is this the anime from Prison school? I thought that was a joke

  • StarMech

    I’ll will come out and say it. I really think the judges need to clarify when it comes to the video quality. Because cutting down points because the quality isn’t crisp….when it’s a pre-2000s anime is a bit much. A lot of entries just CAN’T find hd releases of some of these works, so it’s hard to tell when they are criticising when it’s because the edited stuff is bad quality or the anime itself.

  • MarikAzemus

    They did what with their booze?!

  • staindgrey

    So. Uh. I’m a little confused on the constant critiques of “source footage”, and I was wondering if there’s ever been any clarification on that. If the series being parodied is old, shouldn’t the footage also be… You know. Old? Plus, I’m sure that there were many contestants who didn’t have high-end video editing software (or recording hardware, for that matter) readily available before the contest was announced. I just wonder how much the quality of the footage used really impacts the judges’ scores in comparison to things that are actually within the creators’ control. I’d hate to dissuade people from parodying what they enjoy if it was never released in a high quality 16:9 1080p crystal clear picture.

    Oh, also, loved this one. It’s one of the three or four announced so far that I really enjoyed. Source footage be damned.

  • Reangus

    Before this some were funny but they never got a genuine laugh outta me “I’m, like, shaking” Hit my bones to the core wow that was top notch. I’ll send you dick or tit picks depending on your fancy if you continue this as a series.

  • triforce_chic

    This is only the second out of the 20+ so far that’s been released that 1) I could watch all of, and 2) maybe me laugh out loud. I would actually watch more episodes of this!

  • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

    Holy Shit…THIS WAS AMAZING! I mean…wow! Video quality is a bit poor, I admit, and some of the exposition does drag at points, but…SO MUCH WONDERMENT!!! I love Zhang Fei and the faux Irish accent really fits him, but all the actors were very skilled, good mic quality, extra kudos for the difficult Chinese pronunciation made to sound easy…you guys make this look simple. The projector gag was my favorite visually, but there were so many good moments. Good pacing, rapid fire jokes where needed, great timing and sound design…beyond all other things, though, this series does what all abridged series in my opinion should strive for. It makes me want to watch the original. I love the jokes, love the characters, but more than that, it makes me want to see where this was all sourced from. Anyone who’s seen my comments before knows I tend to be both critical and free with praise, but you guys blew me away. While I’d watch a few series with a second episode on this countdown, this is one of the few I WANT more of. I want more Log Horizon, I want more Soul Hunter 101, and holy god do I want more ROTK Abridged. If you make it, I will watch.

  • Zanzibar Junker

    They got Zhang Fei’s characterization right because a of super dumb crazy shit happens because of his alcoholism.

  • Nicholas Howell

    This started strong but then fell as the story progressed until it was completely terrible. I know this ranked high, but I’m really not a fan of it. The lip flaps became atrocious (especially at the end) and the script started to lose me at the end. Overall, I feel it was average, but definitely not worthy of a top 10 placement. I feel this should be ranked around the mid teens. I do hate that the judges knock off points for source footage. It’s not like there is an HD quality version of this out there, so there’s not much else that can be done. It’s like they are criticizing anyone who used material from the 90s or earlier. Uncool!

  • Casey Miller

    I’m so happy this one made top ten. This was by far one of my favorites when I first saw it a while back, and I don’t even know the source material. 10/10 all around.

  • ThatWasFred

    This was great! That’s really all I have to say – the judges said the rest for me. Very well done!

  • Just Iron

    And another worth entry for the top 10. Funny thing is when I picked my top 10 videos before the competition started, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, ways also my number 8. Solid entry Let’s Dub Project. Now I must go to a party before a bunch of random people, ” Drink our booze!”.

  • My team and I had this pegged as a potential winner, #8 is fantastic, but I’m awestruck at what seven others could’ve possibly beaten it.

    Great moves, LDP. Keep it up. Proud of you.

  • android19

    this was a good. Well done to all involved. I’d watch more of this.

  • TomSTheVoice

    Hey guys! It’s Tom!

    I directed, wrote, co-edited and acted in ROTKA, and listening/reading all this feedback is so awesome, it’s overwhelming! Hearing great things about the script is so wonderful, because this is an idea I had in mind for a very long time. Knowing that it got this great a reception gives me such inspiration to do more! Thank you guys so much for all the support!

    For any updates and other content, feel free to check out my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkHSfQOLkn4QhU7duzrYolQ

    This wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful people at the Let’s Dub Project! Check out their other great stuff!

    Thanks to the crew, the wonderful TFS judges for their honest feedback, and to all of you who supported us!

    Wishing the best of luck for #7 through 1!

    • Kaiser

      PLEASE CONTINUE THIS. I currently only follow TFS and LittleKuriboh. I would add Romance Abridged to this list in a heartbeat, I looooved this first episode.

    • hariman

      This was pretty damn hilarious. I lost it at the various drunken antics, and especially at the surprise gift at the end.

    • Joukyuu

      This one is my favorite so far. Great job.

    • Cameron N.

      Please, PLEASE continue Romance of The Three Kingdoms Abridged! I always love anything to do with these guys. Not to mention you turned the facts into funnier facts. (From what I’ve read about the story of the three kingdoms the Wu Kingdom really was just there after Liu Bei lost at YiLing). Amazing, hoping for more.

    • Evil Gandhi

      MORE! I want more!

      This was my favorite so far. I would love to watch more of this. You did a great job.

    • Bruce Wayne

      dude really like your pokebuds videos! keep up the good stuff

  • Let’s Dub Project (Tyranee)

    I’m like….shaking. o_o

    No, but seriously, #8? That’s amazing! Thank you so, so much to the judges for all your honest criticisms, and if there’s anything I’m the most happy about, it’s that we managed to impress Kaiser. That’s a feat in and of itself 😛

    Thank you to everyone that worked on this video – Tom, Adrienne, Ryan, Dan, Kim, Otto, and Nate. You were what made this what it was.

    I don’t know if we are going to make this into a continuing series. To be honest, that’s up to Tom. But this makes me more encouraged than ever before to try. Once again, thank you. And if anyone wants to see more awesome voice work, check out the Let’s Dub Project channel. That’s our pride and joy, so come take a look! http://letsdub.com/videos/ or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj87rh1qxUIJUb9pXVb81Ew

    And while you’re at it, check Tom out, too! He’s hilarious:

    ( I don’t know how to not make this show up as a giant video, I’m sorrryyy o_o)

    Good luck to #1-7! Hoping to see Dumb Justice somewhere along the way.

  • Kyo And Ruka

    The effeminate guy sounds like Johnny Young Bosch. Anyway, decent entry.

  • Kai Jordan

    Congrats Tom! Ya made it!

    This entry was a ton of fun and not only has a lot of great voice acting as well as charm but also great wit.

    Admittedly some of the editing could’ve been better but overall it was a really fun entry

  • James Oh Burn

    Make sure to check out Let’s Dub Project on YouTube for more high-quality dubs of your favorite games, anime, and more!

  • this was awesome
    couldnt hear what the judges were saying cause i couldnt stop laughing
    bonus points for shen long lassie and the latinish description of the main characters

  • Ivan LeRoy

    One of my personal favorite entries. Many of the jokes are a bit too easy and obvious, but the excellent delivery from the voice actors sells it well. Quality of source has never been an issue with me, however, the painfully stretched thin sound mixing and music is.

    My thoughts lines up very much with Ben and Taka here, I WANT MORE. I NEED MORE.

    • The “…AND THEY DRINK OUR BOOZE!” bit had me giggling long after I stopped watching it.

  • Kabraxius

    Making the Yellow Turban Rebellion into a conflict over something as stupid as the color and fashion was hilarious. I’m with Taka, I want more of this.

  • Matt McKisson

    Some really clever writing in here. Video borders were kind of odd though.

  • DoktorApplejuce

    Huge congrats to the Let’s Dub Project! Even without my slight bias due to knowing some of the people behind this entry, it was one of my personal favourites, and I’m happy to see it in the top 10.