#TIBA’s first place winner takes us to the final frontier!  It’s Star Wrecked: The Fall of Cthulhu!

Congratulations to tomandre and the rest of the crew!  If you enjoy this video, check them out on YouTube!

Stay tuned after the video for our judges’ commentary!

  • Tuba

    This feels very venture bros to me.

  • Michael Brown

    Your Lie in April was better than this pile of overrated turds. But the quality is very good but the writing is a little lazy at times. I didn’t laugh till 6 min in.

  • Zombifi3r

    How did Log Horizon Abridged not win? Sure this had a lot of work put into it, but the comedy was sub par and the slow pace made it really boring.

  • Tim Garcia

    I can’t seem to watch the video because of looping commercials on the page that I cannot find. It is the worst. I now hate Best Buy.

  • NoTimeForThatCrap

    Seriously? #1? …..This?
    This was… horrible.

    Wow. Was this entire TIBA thing just one huge joke that was never actually intended to be serious just so they could troll everyone and cap this whole thing off with the most boring, unfunny, painful entry in this entire competition?? I’m baffled. Literally baffled and figuratively beside myself how this… thing… placed anywhere on this list, let alone #1. This is like making a list of the top 100 greatest films of all time, among the upper half of said list including films like Back To The Future, The Empire Strikes Back, Blade Runner, North By Northwest, The Godfather, The Green Mile and Seven Samurai, and then giving the #1 top movie of all time spot to Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill or Howard The Duck.

  • Lilith Geisler

    After watching the actual show this is parodying I’m far less impressed with the visual edits as I was before. The animation of this show was extremely cheaply done probably due to poor funding, however this makes the visual edits far less impressive. The producers themselves reuse much of the same models over and over again which means that the Contestant could have physically made their own episode using props from the show if they so choose fairly easily. With that in mind we’d have to rely on its sound direction and writing. Sound was very solid but the humor is not.

    To better elaborate since I’ve had some time to really think about it. The Humor tries to cram a whole bunch of jokes that we remember being funny without actually understanding why it was funny in the first place. I’d personally probably just gut the entire thing and probably us the footage for sketch comedy or something. Because as an abridged series, the current direction just doesn’t have lasting value. Yeah, that’s harsh, but plot is seriously this entry’s weakest point.

  • Zack Selica

    seems like you guys forgot to hide your recently liked videos, lol because I’ve seen this video before. its so hilarious though and I could watch it maybe three or four more times. maybe more great audio work and story. loved the reference to rick and morty. I was hoping this video would win. ^_^

  • MrSaporito

    This… This was a masterpiece

  • cyxceven

    This is what you get when you cross Zapp Brannigan with Sealab 2021 and outer space.

  • D-man

    I’m gonna say it, 76# of the entys were robbed, i just don’t get how they find this funny, most of the Jokes have already been made, the only thing this video does thats better than all the other videos is editing, but in the same way an anime with great animation can be bad, i think this video is bad.

  • Chris Slater

    The amount of salt from all these angry losers is unreal. This is comedic gold. Also, piss on that one wank stain Jordanius 77 who had the balls to tell TFS, to do better with judging next time because they didn’t pick the one he liked. Log Horizon Abridged wasn’t that great. Yet, he tells TFS to pick shows that are objectively better (or ones he thinks are better) instead of picking winners based off what they personally found funny. News flash shit biscuit, that is the point of the contest. They pick the entries THEY liked most, not the ones you do.

    Host your own contest if you want Log Horizon Abridged to win so badly you insipid twat.

    • Jack White

      Amen, brother! Amen!

  • Lilith Geisler

    I honestly didn’t enjoy this that much. It had a couple of mildly decent jokes, but nothing quite clicked for me personally. Got a mild smile from me at best and narrow eyes at worse. Most of the jokes they used seemed to be rehashes of older superior TV shows such as Futurama. While other jokes seemed similar to Adult swim. However, Adult swim humor isn’t anything that worked for me. I didn’t watch these kind of shows because I found them to be personally boring. Saying its like Sea lab 2021 or aqua team hunger force In my opinion would actually be an insult. Adult swim had some good shows. Venture bros, Robot Chicken and Oblongs where decent to good but things like ATHF or Squid Billies only seemed to be funny to people who regularly get high.. The Humor of Space ghost for me has always been soft hit or complete miss.

    But as someone said, humor is subjective. So this is just my opinion.

    The Story was cohesive which is more than I can say about the DC universe movies. So good on you for that. But the ship slowly getting taken over by madness didn’t really get played into that much. That might have been a time constraint though.so I can’t fault Them on that too much. Even with how little was there in that development, It still felt like it was dragging for me.

    The Visual edits where pretty solid. And the source footage was fantastic. Mad props for that, since a lot of the others didn’t quite get to this level of quality.

    This Abridged series is definitely not for me. And a bit sad that we didn’t see dry British humor in any of the top 30. Mostly random and stuff more like this. Congratulations on the victory though. I hope you’re abridged series is a great success. Its not for me, but I’m happy for you. Had loads of fun watching all these finalists over the past few weeks. 🙂

  • Shanethefilmmaker .

    Somebody pick up that phone because I fucking called it. When they were doing that fan vote thing I said back then, nothing tops what Kirk did to Cthulhu. And this is proof!!!

  • JustAHologram

    Amazing work, I loved seeing Kirk go full Zapp Brannigan

  • Zachary Alfred

    This wasn’t even the best!

  • Nicholas Howell

    Unfortunately, I must do as littlekuriboh said he wouldn’t do: WOW! Of all the finalists for this competition, I can honestly say that this truly was the best of them. Yes, some may have better production quality based on the source footage, or not-so-obvious edits, or better jokes. But this…this had the best all-around quality out of everything. Kaiser nailed it when saying that this had full cohesion. The script was utterly amazing and the jokes, while not bountiful or extremely hilarious, hit in all the right places. The judges are on-point when saying this could have been something you watched on Adult Swim. The parodying is exactly on level with what we see from it. Congratulations! You deserved it!

  • Hamdan

    Congrats for the win!

  • firewis

    had legitemate trouble sitting through this at parts and i did not audably laugh once editing was done well and source footage was not bad but the jokes just didnt stick for me and the paceing was off

  • Animebryan

    I also got the whole Sealab 2021 vibe from it. This is awesome! Definitely deserved it’s spot at #1! Congrats!

  • No idea how this won. I know humor is subjective but the reason other shows like Log Horizon abridged, etc, didn’t make the top 30 was because the judges didn’t find them funny, right? The only joke I thought was even clever/funny was the rick and morty reference, and even then it had no build-up. At least Log Horizon abridged had some well thought-out, witty jokes. Even if the humor wasn’t up your alley you should have been objective enough to appreciate them and judge them fairly.

    I think if you guys do this #TIBA thing again, then you should try judge the entries and jokes in an objective(ish) way rather than forcing your own humor on the entries and screwing over objectively better shows.. Because although this entry was technically sound, it had awful pacing, it was boring, there were very few jokes (if any) that didn’t require prior knowledge and you used that to constantly critique other shows..

    I’m so disappointed. I wasn’t exactly invested in any of the entries but just the way this was judged seems so rushed and flip-floppy.

    On a different day, when the judges are in a different mood this show might not have even made the top 30 and could have been completely replaced by others than didn’t make the top 30.. Which is a shame.

  • ThatWasFred

    I’m not sure if I would have this as my personal #1 entry, but it’s definitely an excellent video! That is a spot-on Zapp Brannigan impression for Kirk, and the Rick and Morty gag not only looked amazing (props to editing), but actually caused some great jokes as a result! Truly well-done, and congrats on winning TIBA!

  • DemonicHeartsGaming

    when they said this felt like an adult swim after hour show I really felt an connection if i ever watched adult swim. your content was incredible even though i did not laugh through this enough I was in deep thought while watching this and this piece was downright great you absolutely deserve this #1 and I hope you make more of this and see yourself just like Little Kuriboh and The TeamFourStar Team! Great JOB! Happy Abridging!

  • slothsama

    I feel like this is definitely the best “total package” like hbi2k said, but it’s important to note it’s the best “as a sum” – Some entries do better in other categories than this did, but none do everything as good as this did it.

    I don’t think it’s the absolute funniest entry in the contest. There were a few very funny ones I enjoyed more that had their own hiccups and production errors. It’s much easier for me to enjoy something that’s funny and maybe has a few missing lip flaps than something that’s completely pristine in product but not as funny. So entries like Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Breaking Bean score higher for me in that regard. That being said, this is still easily top 5 funniest TIBA entries in my opinion. Having sex with a cosmic entity is hard to beat and this entry’s position reaffirms that sentiment.

  • MynameisEarl

    Congrats to you guys! Your hard work well paid off, and I look forward to more adventures with the crew (if you continue, which it sounds like you are). Again, awesome entry!

  • d Destro

    As a person that never watched Startreck I have to say that I didn’t get it. Was it that funny? Shouldn’t number 1 be good without even carrying if the viewer knows the source material? I am a big fan of all these old cartoons that Adult swim makes into funny parodies but this wasn’t that funny. Comparing this for example to Birdman isn’t fair. To tell the truth I wasn’t expecting number one to be something particularly good since some people like it ok. The competition is over and I can clearly say that the lower places in the competition have more of a chance to gain me as a viewer instead of the top 5. Congrats to the winner. Now we can finally move again to the actual funny series

    • Sōma Yukihira

      “This wasn’t funny so it doesn’t deserve number 1” that’s pretty much what your comment sounded like to me. i get that you are entitled to your own opinion but funnyness isn’t the only thing that matters in an abridged. people who think like that are the ones who didn’t make it on the list.

      • d Destro

        Yes been funny is an important factor. Why even consider it a minor issues?
        Additionally I am against to “random=funny”. No, random=bad script that the writer is unable to adapt correctly. Don’t take me wrong. It’s not that I don’t have additional issues with this (basically I found myself skipping parts and then going back to watch them because they were boring) such as the fact that the characters have no character except from kirk but at the same time I don’t want to be negative to these people. Even if I didnt enjoy their work, others did and thats what matters. Let the people enjoy their victory. Unlike most people who talk shit due to their favorite losing, I had no favorite. I saw everything as equal and decided which I would follow. In general this competition means nothing to the viewer and pointing out negative stuff the day they announced the winner is quite the dick move. I can always post my full comment on YouTube.

      • James Hill

        There’s a flaw in that argument. Specifically how everyone even mentioned on the F*ck The Judges list, especially Log Horizon, were themselves wholly competent. Moreso than especially the bottom ten of these 30. I’d argue Log Horizon was a more complete package than Star Wrecked here, going above and beyond with crystal clear footage. The only reason those didn’t even make the list is because they weren’t found humourous by the 3 judges who were going through every entry. And that’s bugging me more every time I think about it, because it put the entire contest on the shoulders of the most subjective quality; the humour of the audience. Not the quality of animation, not the performance of the VAs, not the effectiveness or originality or meaning behind the complete product. Every entry on the F*ck The Judges list was put there, instead of even considered for the top 30, because the three judges who watched them personally didn’t find them funny for whatever reason, and that could include just not getting the jokes.

        And you know what? Fine. Log Horizon was never going to win overall if the judges couldn’t find enough humour they understood. But my disappointment is turning into disgust, understanding that the reason Star Wrecked here could come in over Freedom Force was because the judges got every joke… Every joke that’s been done to death a million times before by Trekkies far more invested. Or by Mass Effect fans, given Shepard. Judging by the numerous comments that have popped up since, these jokes aren’t usually funny if you’ve heard them before, and they’re not funny at all if you don’t understand the context. And beyond that! At least Freedom Force had a damn POINT. Had a meaning, a message, re-contextualized the source material while condensing it, made light of the property in an ORIGINAL way! So did Panic! At the Hakusho! So did B:TASA! So did most every video on this list EXCEPT Star Wrecked!

        Call this a complete package if you want. It’s f***ing hollow, and my previous good will toward it has crumbled with the understanding of how broken this system was. Call me wrong. I can’t speak FOR the judges. But I can sure as hell point out a poor decision when I see one.

  • Whatevenisthiseven

    I’m glad I’m not the only one confused why this won. This didn’t really remind me of Sealab 2021 or Williamstreet. It reminded me of an unfunny Futurama without the wit. Yeah it was polished and clean, but that doesn’t always spell success. Yugioh Abridged is what started this craze, and when it started out the production was shit. But I remember laughing until I cried. This didn’t even get a smile out of me. Even weed didn’t make this funny.

    • Sōma Yukihira

      Just because it isn’t funny, it doesn’t deserve number 1? What kind of stupidly twisted logic is that?

      • Lilith Geisler

        If its not funny as an abridged series… Who’s going to watch it? I wont be because it was painfully boring.

  • Sōma Yukihira

    whoever voiced Kirk (soz, i was laughing too hard to pay attention to the credits) you need a bloody medal. Seriously, that voice is godlike.

  • Banana Xango

    I watched this five times this week already. Sulu crying kills me every time.

  • Christopher Courter

    This wasn’t funny at all, but at least it wasn’t too much profanity unfunny. Voices were ok at best, probably easily imitated. Only character that played well was the alien speaking another language, seemed to be no mistakes repeating itself.

    That said, I only saw a couple of these. And this wasn’t in the lead from what I saw.

  • MasterRazor

    I was really disappointed by this contest. There was some great editing and great voice acting in a lot of these, but I just didn’t find any of these entries all that funny. That wouldn’t matter if this was a video editing contest or a fandub contest, but it wasn’t. Maybe they were just going for a different kind of humor than the kind I enjoy, but the thing is I laugh at most DBZA episodes, and most YGOTAS episodes. Maybe I’m just getting picky as I get older. This contest has shown me though that I’m not missing much by sticking to just DBZA and YGOTAS.

    • Mephistophelolz

      IDK, man. I found a lot of the entries that didn’t make the top 30 were funnier than most of these.

  • Ashland Anderson

    I thought this was a riot; course in my personal opinion, #3 was better…

    But what do I know, if TFS loves this…

  • Croc

    Was I only one rooting for FLCL abridged? If anybody reads this, share some info on your opinion of it. I was really laughing my ass off on that one.
    If you haven’t seen it, check it out in the link
    P.S: I’m not the creator of the entry, by the way.

    • Just Iron

      I will admit that this was on my top 10 list too.

  • NuclearBernz

    This video totally deserves first. It’s super clean and like the judges already said, if this was shown to me on TV I wouldn’t question it as a professional production, its editing and VA were that solid.

  • GarryF

    No disrespect to the judges, but how did this get the first place? Admittedly, the editing is fine, the source footage is better compared to other older, animated entries in the competition, but the writing wasn’t funny. The jokes make sense, but I feel there is a difference between jokes making sense and being funny.

    Also, in the previous video, multiple judges bashed their own content for bad reference humor, and two jokes within the FIRST TWO MINUTES were references to other properties: Dead Space, and Rick and Morty. Neither of which land if you haven’t heard of or seen the material. Not to mention that the characters are not very well introduced or characterized other than Kirk, who is, honestly, just Archer in space. The only three characters I could remember the names of were Kirk, Spock, and Scotty, and Scotty had only a handful of lines.

    The reference jokes got to me though. Those being in the Number 1 spot after the judges complained about that type of joke specifically got me to activate this account so I could make a comment.

  • Magmafrost13 .

    I cant even tell what’s meant to be funny in this

  • Dante_son_of_Sparda1996

    I have to say to start with I am no genius at editing but I did enjoy the visual gags in this, plus the jokes had me laughing alot from the Spock to the Kirk always the kirk (Specially loved the Star Fleet code kirk sexual joke). No complaints from me as I am not qualified to make any critiques in writing or editing as I ve never done it.Other than that keep up the good work please and make more please I will perform a satanic ritual if that helps (I won’t that stuff is expensive).

  • Chaltab

    This just reminds me too much of those awful Adult Swim shows like Mister Pickles and Aquateen Hunger Force. It’s not bad by any means, certainly got a couple good laughs from me, but it’s a style of humor that only works in short doses. Random sociopathy humor is one of the things that made Neighborhood Cluck DBZ Abridged inferior to TFS DBZ Abridged.

    Congrats to Tom Andre and crew regardless; what you do isn’t my cup of tea but you do it well.

  • Rob Swanson

    While I can’t deny the technical skill of this entry. I definitely take issue with the writing. The whole episode just seemed like a lackluster spoof of Zap Brannigan, who is already a spoof of Kirk. It was the same kind of lackluster Adult Swim humor that drove me away from American cartoons almost entirely. Solid technical talent. But definitely not my #1.

  • It’s well made for sure, but, personally, I found it a little bland, many of the jokes were very obvious anf the reference was very forced in dragged out, in my opinion. Still great though

  • Jonathan Buchalter

    Ironically, this is one of the first TIBA I watched. I also think it’s not #1, but that’s my opinion.

  • Joukyuu

    Kind of reminded me of deepspace69

  • Tyler Gilbert

    If there is one thing that describes this entry, it is definitely this: SeaLab 2021 Star Trek Edition. And that is fantastic because I absolutely adore what SeaLab 2021 did. Great job guys.

  • I’m a big fan of Star Trek, but I only watched the main series, not TAS. This kind of makes me interested in it now, hmm. Also, I didn’t even see it on the list at vote time, because the name itself doesn’t actually indicate that it’s a Star Trek parody!

    That said, I have a bit mixed feelings about this too. Like some of the others in the comments, I don’t feel like many of the jokes hit the mark, a lot of those are rather cliched. Spock was rather unamusing; a gimmick “says obvious things” doesn’t work well, since they’re, well, obvious, and thus not funny. And overall it felt a bit shallow, given that Star Trek is quite a bit about carrying messages across. That said, the cloud cuckoolander interpretation of Kirk was amusing, and the effects on the crew were very true to the original show. And a lot of the things the judges said about pacing and editing hold true as well. So overall good job; there is still room for improvement, but nice to see this make the top entry.

  • Just Iron

    This TIBA contest was a roller coaster of expectations, emotions and laughter. And as fun as it was it had to end. I hope they do this again in a year or 2 from now. And I dont want to congratulate just the winner but all the entries that put the time and effort to make us laugh. Dont feel bad if you did not make the top 30. Because a lot of you are winners in my book.

  • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

    Probably in the minority here, but…I did not care for this. I recognize the talent and cleverness at play here, but it never got more than one or two chuckles for me, while YYH and Friendship force had me laughing my butt off. The visual edits are insanely clever, with the added blood and Dead space references, the killing the crew, pentagram, and the seamless rick and morty addition. Also, gotta love that editing to make Kirk F*** a god. But for me, while the script was competent and lent itself to storytelling, it wasn’t that funny. It had some good bits to it, but I never felt myself going beyond a small chuckle so…I just didn’t feel this was as quotable as others.

    I want to offer congratulations to the creator because he’s got real talent here from a sheer editing standpoint and kudos to making the script work and not meander around. If this were a bit funnier, I’d probably be in for another episode, but as it stands…it’s a series I’d watch if it was on, but not one I’d seek out. If you want to continue this, the cast is great, your editing talents are proven, but you need some more humor that takes people by surprise and really hits home with timing. The closest thing to me was the dead space reference. The timing was good, the visuals spoke for themselves, and Kirk’s response almost got me…almost. Kirk’s bedroom scene came close, but c’mon, it’s Kirk…the second we saw where it was going, I knew how it would end.

    That said, I think I’m in the minority, so congrats for winning and creating something that a lot of people loved and laughed at. Being able to create something that brings people joy is worth a lot and you deserve praise for that, if nothing else.

  • Jfreak1996

    I’m still trying to figure out why Fakkuman didn’t place. I thought it was better than 30-10.

  • Sigi

    I can’t believe Fullmetal Alchemist Abridged: Conqueror of Shamballa didn’t even make the list.. It was my favorite by far.

  • Tom Major

    Congrats to the winner but I didn’t laugh once on this one. The best character was Kirk and he just felt like Zap Brannigan to me and for the judges saying it felt like a Adult Swim show I feel like Super Fiends did it better when it comes to adult swim humor, and had more then just one good character. This one all the characters were just boring but Kirk to me. I guess it’s just my sense of humor.

    • Trevor Bohling

      I agree wholeheartedly with this, I even sent Super Fiends to friends mentioning how I found it reminiscent of Sealab 2021. I got the impression throughout this event that the judges were more lenient on scripting than they were on video/audio quality, leading to this entry as the winner. Star Wrecked clearly deserved a top 10 position, but something with a stronger script probably should’ve won this imo.

  • ThrowingPancakes

    Well, that was… boring. Quite unfortunate, but I can see why it placed this high. The few good jokes just didn’t overshadow the bad ones. The Rick and Morty cameo lingered on for too long, the sex jokes were awkward, and the gangster voice was just that, with no twist to really make it funny. After all of that, I was left wondering when the episode would end.

    Still, congratz to this one for winning! And congratz to “Panic! at the Hakusho!” for being the most entertaining of the top 3!

  • McFortner

    Do we have a new trope here, “Did you just rape Cthulhu?”

    Too damn funny.

    • James Hill

      “Too Spicy for Yog Sogoth.” It’s old.

  • DeltaSea

    Ok, while #7 was my personal favorite, this one was pretty damn good. Congrats guys, you deserved this win.

  • Draqson

    With a few exceptions the Top 10 were on point, a few I didnt like, but the number 1 spot is spot on; out of all entries I watched and enjoyed this one the most. As someone not from an english-speaking country, I find delight in clear voicelines, no mumbling and no gattling gun gabbling. The humor and the sound-effects were well-crafted and the story with its funny twist and … climactic “battle”… tied the whole thing together, in a way that I, as a non Star Trek Fan, really want to see this show further, in its “wrecked” version of course.

    Now if you’ll excuse me: Emergency Martini!

  • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs


  • While not entirely a constant stream of funniness, it was by far THEE most seamless, well paced, and well put together entries on the list. Like the judges said, it felt like it was an ACTUAL show! And it’s not to say that it wasn’t funny, it certainly had it’s moments, but it took advantage of its seamlessness and put all the jokes in at perfectly fitting time. And it wasn’t trying to be super obvious about it, it took it’s time and even made subtle jokes.
    Overall, I have to say that this was consistently amusing and entertaining! There wasn’t a time where I was bored or wanted it to get to the next part. I enjoyed it the whole way through, and had moments where the writing hit me hard in the humor direction! And that’s something these entries tended to forget: if there’s ever a dry moment in the show, but you keep people laughing really hard at CERTAIN points, it’s still not the best it could be. This is an example of the entire video as a whole running at full speed at all times. I feel like this is something I could rewatch from time to time, binge watching each episode, and I would still love it just the same each time!
    It’s a great start to an abridged episode, but also a great start to a SHOW. And that’s why I think this entry deserves it’s spot 😀

  • Emergency StatusBroadcast


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  • Jack Jacobs

    So I thought it was extremely well edited, and all the praise is well deserved, however I just didn’t find it funny.

    There were a couple parts that got a smile out of me but I don’t think I was ever audible laughing. Maybe it isn’t for me, and that’s fine, but I’m more curious as per the rationale that this was the judges pick. It seems almost contradictory to the standard that they’ve set these videos for. If that makes sense.

  • android19

    Very good. Very very good.

  • ralphyman

    I believe this video deserves its first place based on quality, editing, voice acting and other such elements. All those things were definitely top notch. However, there is one thing that, to me, is actually more important than any of those elements when judging an abridged series: does it make me laugh?
    I find that many abridged series nowadays (even the higher quality ones such as YGOA and DBZA), while extremely entertaining, don’t make me laugh as often and as hard as they used to. The same goes for this video, and many of the high-ranking ones in this competition. Humor is a very important element in entertainment to me. That’s why an entry like, for instance Code Name B (the Barbie one) will always rank higher for me, as it is one of the very few videos that made me genuinely laugh out loud. Yet, strangely enough, it is nowhere to be found in the top 30 or even as an honorable mention.
    Of course, humor is subjective, so maybe I was simply the only one who thought it was funny. Point of my message is that humor, in my experience, is one of the most important (and simplest) ways of entertainment and I would’ve loved to have seen more emphasis being placed on that.

    Nevertheless, both as a huge Star Trek fan and as someone who greatly enjoyed this video (and many of the others as well), I am very happy to see this one ending up in first place. Congratulations to the winner and I hope to see more of this in the future (cause lord knows I love me some Star Trek!).

  • Alexander Evans

    I… I just… holy crap. This video alone has inspired me to take a crack at this myself if there happens to be a second year. Amazing work!

    • Plectrophenax

      I wish you best of luck, even if there won’t be a second contest ^-^

      • Alexander Evans

        You have my thanks ^^

  • I enjoy Adult Swim from time to time, but it’s not the kind of humor that resonates with me the most. And I can’t really judge the editing of last-century cartoons because the jank is supposed to be part of their charm.
    But clearly this appealed to a lot of people, so, I dunno.

  • TactilePope

    Writing wasn’t for me, but if it was for you then I can see why it placed at #1.

  • Psycho Doodle

    Huh, reminds me of the simpsons christmas episode where they spoofed a lot of christmas carols and star trek did it.

    Not bad!

  • Jacob Newton

    *sighs and prepares for the shitstorm that’s coming*

    I have to say, that it is technically and structurally well done, probably deserves to win but I have to be honest, I found it dull, unengaging and the jokes kinda obvious and whilst it’s very ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast’ or “Sealab”, it’s possibly TOO SGCtC and Sealab, and maybe that’s the problem, it’s all a style and kind of joke that I’ve seen before in those two series and others like it (and done probably better in those series), never mind the very Futurama-style characterizations of the Star Trek crew (specifically the wholesale co-option of the Brannigan characterization of Kirk, the voice sounded very West-ian to me at the very least).

    I guess though despite it having all the hallmarks of being exceptional, I find it unarousing. It’s very well done, and probably the slickest and tightest production we’ve seen brought together with a suitable caste and sound scripting but…it just feels kinda old hat. I didn’t laugh or a giggle at it, maybe because it wasn’t surprising, and it does feel like all these jokes have been jokes we’ve all been making for the last decade plus since Sealab et al came onto the screens, and it played to basically all my expectations rather than twisting those expectations and subverting them. The best bit for me was the Rick and Morty bit…which largely is because it was a surprise, but then it goes and reminds me that yeah I’d probably prefer a ten minute short of that than what I’m watching. I guess I’m being unduly harsh and no disrespect to the writers, producers and artists or to the judges, you guys did good. This isn’t painfully unenjoyable for me, it isn’t like it isn’t objectively unfunny, or that it’s jokes weren’t funny in general….they just seem about a decade too late for me. LK kinda said it best, if this was made about ten years ago, we’d be still quoting it. I guess my point is, this was kinda made ten years ago…and we’re still quoting it, and this is just us requoting the jokes from 10 years ago. In my opinion. The above being said. I do believe the judges weren’t wrong with this deserving to win the contest and that judges made the best choice, I personally found it…stale. It’s well made, well written (structurally), well acted, and is coherent with a eye towards consistency. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. Not that anyone asked me, but it’s the internet, and I’ll just throw my opinion on the pile with everyone else’s.

    I thought the contest (regardless of whinging) was a wonderful endeavor, we can argue over the merits of who shoulda been where but I think the judges did a good job overall. I hope to see it again, and hope that all involved enjoyed themselves.

    • Joshua Churchill

      I have to disagree with you on the aspect of it being too much like SGCTC or Sealab, because it just didn’t have the characters to really elevate itself to that level. One of the main things those shows had going for them is how much personality was in the cast of characters and while kirk was enjoyable and spock has some personality all of the other main members of the crew were just kinda there and it really hurts the enjoyment for me

      In all honesty I think the thing that hurts this entry the most in my opinion is that it’s just too short and kirk gets too much screen time, It didn’t have the time to let the other characters shine like they should have because it needed to get the jokes out fast to make the judges laugh.

      That being said, I did enjoy it and would love to see more, and I wish Tom and the guys nothing but the best for winning

      • Jacob Newton

        Yeah, that’s true, which is why it quite possibly seems lesser than SGCtC and Sealab. The comparison is mostly stylistic in nature and structure. But again I think SGCtC and Sealab even did that better. It may be possibly why this also doesn’t seem to get laughs for me. This kind of humor as you state requires some kind of investment with the characters, something the format of this contest doesn’t really allow unless you firmly establish thos characters in seconds. The reason only Kirk and Spock seem more so is A: they have more screen time and B: we’ve been making these parody characterizations of them for decades (in the case of Kirk…it’s helped by the wholesale co-option of Billy West’s Brannigan character…which most in this audience would be familiar with).

        As I said technically and structurally this entry is probably top billing. But the nature of it leaves one feeling empty. If that’s understandable.

  • Tom Andre

    I am so overwhelmed with joy right now. Making Star Wrecked was the highlight of this year for me, and I’m SO thrilled so many of you enjoyed it! Having the chance to have our work reviewed by many of my personal heroes is a professional boon and personal delight.

    Teamfourstar, thank you so much for putting in the time and effort to offer this contest to the world. You are the bedrock of the abridging community. The level of professionalism and dedication you bring is an inspiration to us all.

    HBi2K, your work running this competition and corralling all several hundred entries into a smooth Top 30 Countdown is nothing short of legendary. Coming back each day to watch the latest entry was thrilling and nail-biting in the best possible way. Now that I think about it, you had the massive job of taking on all of these abridged entries and, in a way…ABRIDGING them. Meaning you are the Master of Abridging.

    YamatoSFX and Hayabusa449, SAO Abridged is my favorite thing on Youtube right now. Nobody writes characters like you guys, and to get your commentary and critique on Star Wrecked was super insightful! I will definitely be incorporating your recommendations into future episodes.

    Takahata101, if you would serve on that ship I would gladly serve along with you! We’d probably die at some point (most likely due to Kirk’s negligence), but I know we’d have some damn great adventures on the way.

    KaiserNeko, your commentary has been consistently spot on. Even with other entries, you gave me insights into ways I can improve my own work. Hellsing Abridged is phenomenal and a tradition I look forward to every year.

    Little Kuriboh, you are, simply put, the pioneer that inspired us all. From the days when making abridged content immediately got one taken off Youtube to now, you kept at it and have paved the way for all of us. There would be no Star Wrecked without the years of hard work and dedication you poured into YGOTAS. I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve contributed to us all.

    As for MasakoX…my dear boy, its time to play a game.
    The most DANGEROUS game.

    • Uriah

      It’s been an honor. O Captain, our Captain! Thank you so much TIBA Judges and our awesome Slap Crew! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0f36d40a833cb2ad860ef2813d54c5907e36b6f05a84dd5cd6c47f3e74a236f0.jpg

    • ProblemChild

      TOM!!! I’m so glad that you won this, Cpt Kirk banging Cthulu into submission is definitely what would happen. Exposure for the channel should skyrocket now! This and the next episode of A Slap on Titan have me hyped. Again congrats you guys really deserve it.

      • hariman

        Heh. Kirk might give Berserk Abridged Griffiths a run for his money in perversion.

        There’s your nightmare fuel for the year folks! Enjoy!

    • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

      Love you too friend.

    • koyaa

      dude i was rooting for you guys, congrats! D

    • hariman

      Comedy is highly subjective, so this really isn’t my cup of tea, so to speak. BUT:
      I am impressed by the quality of work put into Star Wrecked. It just looks and sounds really damn good.

      • Yea, lowbrow comedy involving things like gratuitous violence and sex jokes isn’t really my thing either but it can be pretty amusing to me when done well enough and this definitely did it well.

      • Cave Opp

        I am pretty sure they only had all the sex to parody the original show

      • I am well aware of Kirk’s reputation.

    • HikaruYami

      This is how literally every episode of Star Trek should’ve gone. A syndicated show that lacked continuity, had something random happen every episode that Kirk fixes in ways that no one including himself understands, and the ship blowing up at the end (of every episode, hence lacking continuity).

    • Erich Damer

      Congratulations. Though I didn’t quite think your episode was as funny as others, I’m still more than happy for you to reach 1st place. I think most of us should agree that you deserve it. And many of us will also look for your future content.

    • Chris Lussier

      So what did you guys actually win? Do you get to write some scripts for TFS, or cameo in DBZA, or what? The prize was the thing that I was most confused about.

      • hariman

        Bragging rights, recognition from one of the biggest abridging groups on the net, and the opportunity to build on their Abridged series with a bigger audience.

  • Matthew Kohlman

    I think we should all take a moment to congratulate everyone who participated in this awesome competition, the judges, and of course are first place winner. I personally think many of the rankings could have been changed here and there but at the end of the day that isn’t what important. What’s important is the celebration of abridging. I believe that pretty much all the top 30 deserve support to continue their abridging efforts and many groups who entered this contest with the right support could go on to be the next big abridging communities. I look forward to seeing future efforts from this group and many who entered this contest. Lastly I would like to once again thank the judges and TFS for putting up with all of our whining and excitement. On a personal note I like to hbi2k for being so active in the comments and putting up with extra BS and to LK for simply having the opinions that I lined up with the most personally! Hope everyone enjoyed this competition as much as I did! 🙂

  • CHAOS101

    Meh , I just felt like a rip off of Sea Lab 2020 with Zapp Brannigan . But Sea Lab was funny .

  • Tolvan

    It was good. It was VERY good. However… I’m not sure I would have given it #1, if only because of the number of other incredible entries that somehow didn’t even place. With that being said, congratulations to the winners, because regardless of my opinion, they clearly deserve it.

  • Let’s Dub Project (Tyranee)

    Well worth the #1 spot. Extremely professional in all aspects. Fantastic. I’m almost kicking myself for not even considering Adult Swim type entries a possibility in the first place. Wonderful job to all involved and if it’s going to happen again, I look forward to next year’s TIBA.

    I brought my A game to this one, but give it a year and I’ll bring something even better to the table. Look out, everyone ;P

  • Overthinker

    so you mean to say i don’t have your permission to hunt MasakoX down?

  • James Hill

    I’m of two minds on this one. The positive, and the negative. The positive is yes, this had that clean crystal finish that made sure it deserved high placing. In the animation/lip flaps, sounds (even if most were just callbacks to the old cartoons) and pacing. Without a doubt, I get this being high on the list. …But at the same time.

    It’s a Star Trek parody, and moreover feels like every single joke has been done a dozen times before. “Boldly Coming,” in a nutshell. Kirk is basically being Archer throughout it all, except Kirk was Archer before Archer WAS Archer. The rest of the cast, all of them and Spock included, are muted and relatively pointless. Relegated to their one impression, their one line, their one catch phrase or stock role. I was a little amused at them going full on with that at the beginning, but by the end I was tired, bored, and waving my hand in frustration. The resolution with Kirk’s sex salvation wasn’t even fresh. “Too Spicy For Yog-Sogoth,” it’s a trope, people. Worse, where Taka asks for three seasons and a tv movie, I don’t see this lasting more than three. It doesn’t feel like an Abridged Series, it feels like a one-off parody made by a group of people who do one-off parodies for a living. …Which I’m presuming they do. That’s fine, but I don’t like that coming in over shows that feel like they can actually go beyond one video, which… To my knowledge, was the intent. To get a new generation of creators making new stuff.

    This was that Star Trek Bohemian Rhapsody song spread like jam over an Eldritch God plot, and spread thin. It even ends on the cheapest ending known: killing the entire cast in a fiery explosion. That’s not a mark of a strong script, it’s just a script that’s been recycled and filtered so many times that of course the most effective jokes float to the top.

    But I think I understand why this won, ultimately, why it takes the top spot while our F*ck the Judges winner didn’t even place. Because this is a series nostalgic to the judges, Log Horizon isn’t. Yes, I’m playing that card, but it seems very apparent. Hearing the judges compare it to Space Ghost and Sealab just makes that even clearer; these are not shows I grew up watching. They did. So applying that style of humour to a series almost universally known? It’s pretty much award bait to these judges.

    It’s like when filmmakers have extended scenes of their actors crying while somber music plays and they linger on the sadness just a little too long. Oscar Bait. We mock it, but that’s what gets Oscar judges to seriously consider a film ‘art.’ And as such take it more seriously. It’s the same thing here, only with a new generation of judges in very different circumstances.

    Point blank. I don’t believe this deserved it’s top spot. It’s low hanging fruit, it’s jokes done well but ancient jokes all the same, and it’s one of the single most well known franchises of all time, so it doesn’t have to spend a second on any of it’s characters beyond the jokes. You know every character from the first second, and if you didn’t, I don’t believe you could walk away from this finding humor in anyone or anything besides Kirk’s over the top antics. Plus, it uses everything it had in one episode and does not make me believe anything could follow, making it an implicit failure of a series. It’s good.

    But it is not that good.

    • Matthew Kohlman

      I’d argue its less nostalgia and more a specific type of humor that got them. Most of the judged mentioned Adult swim and most of the shows featured on Adult swim has a specific type of humor that does not appeal to everyone but arguing who deserves number one is pointless considering its a contest decided by these judges and this is what they all chose.

      • James Hill

        I think we mean the same thing. Being nostalgic for this specific Adult Swim humour. Though you must admit it being applied to Star Trek, that has come prepackaged with archetypes, jokes, and history makes this series more nostalgic in turn. And that’s fine. It’s their list, their trophy, their number one. …Still feel like it needs to be said how it looks like this placed #1, and why for my money I don’t understand it getting that.

      • Brian Rodriguez

        This took number one because it got the highest point total from the judges each judge game a set number of point for each entry this show just happened to have the overall highest point total from all the entries because it connected to the judges in one way or another if you don’t like it then fine but don’t question the opinions of other people too much that’s a one way ticket to a flame war..

    • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

      I have 0 nostalgia for Star Trek and I still thought this was one of the most well crafted, well paced, creative entries on the list hat while not the most ORIGINAL, definitely is one of the most full-package entries in the entire contest.

      It didn’t win because of “nostalgia”. It’s best benefit is that we’re already so familiar with these characters that they don’t need introduction, but that hardly equals “nostalgia”.

      • James Hill

        I agree, the production is technically pristine across the board. Clean footage, lip flaps, edits, fast cuts, never held long on anything… It’s professional, without a doubt. Regardless of the material, it’s a quality in craftsmanship that deserves it’s praise to the editor. But that alone can’t be what made this take number one while similarly pristine videos couldn’t even place.

        Please understand that my discussion here is not to incite anything beyond further discussion. Simply for expressing my own disappointment with the results of the judging, for whatever meaning that is.

        When I spoke of nostalgia, I did not just mean for Star Trek itself. I spoke of this specific kind of comedy. Fast paced comedic sociopaths zinging lines off each other, with little or no regard for keeping any characters morally reasonable, nor a plot keeping focus and progression beyond build up to a joke. It’s a hallmark of these old adult cartoons, multiple of which were named off by the judges. If that doesn’t qualify as nostalgia, then I’ll be surprised.

        To again contrast with Log Horizon, that show was built around the development of characters and the jokes that came as a result of their situation. Slower, character driven, and personally speaking infinitely more meaningful. Friendship Force takes a more self-driven parody form, inverting our expectations of tone and implication, even ending on a noteworthy and important message. How I Caught Your Mother and others took the MENT approach, with the humour being derivative of the ridiculous edits and out-of-context inserts. However, almost every video on this list built it’s own original humour and meaning. Added to the original in some way, and has made me appreciate the original all the more.

        Kaiser, you yourself have 0 nostalgia for Star Trek specifically, but you understand the jokes without the jokes even needing setup. You understand Sulu saying ‘Oh My~,’ that’s an inherent punchline. A catchphrase they didn’t even make up. You don’t question Kirk as effectively Zapp Brannigan cast into the role that inspired Zapp. Red shirts are expendable, casual sexism, the list goes on. These are jokes that require 0 effort to write or understand because anyone with even basic knowledge of Star Trek would know them, or more likely have told them themselves.

        If you didn’t know any of this, there would be almost nothing to laugh at beyond perhaps the comedic sociopathy of Kirk, an out-of-place Rick and Morty cameo, and perhaps a stock ghetto voice attached to a Great Old One. But the rest? The rest are muted, restrained performances that wander off for their own jokes but never come together with anything. Sure, such muted performances might be exemplary of the actual source footage, but that doesn’t make them funnier. There were no risks here I could see, nothing that makes me look at the original and laugh as I remember any one specific scene. Even the final joke, I was sitting there after “core implosion imminent” just pulsing my hand in front of the screen. “Blow up. Blow up. Go ahead, you know you want to- there we go. Jeez.” Again, there was good craftsmanship in stringing these jokes together as fast as was done, but that doesn’t make it interesting personally.

        I am not saying this is a bad production. Nor that it deserves anything less than high praise, and a similarly high rating. But to give it the crown for a performance that has almost nothing to add to the source material is a disappointment. Every other video on this list, top to bottom, shit to platinum, had some addition to the source. This had none I could see. It tells me that the best way to impress these judges is to recite well known jokes that have been made before, as long as we do it quickly and with the highest polish around. If that’s not wholly accurate to you, that’s fine. This is just the perspective I’ve found, seeing what made the list and in what order. If that just means I’ve failed to understand what an Abridged Series is all these years… I don’t know.

        Might be funny to you. To me, it’s just disappointing.

      • Just Iron

        You know I was gonna leave my own critique about tare 1st place winner. Until I read your comments. You said everything that needed to be said. If any one should be congratulated it is you my good sir. Way to go James Hill.

      • James Hill

        Please, no… I’m not asking for congrats on a critique that took me an
        hour when this video clearly had exponentially more time in it. Don’t give me praise over the creators, they deserve it first.

      • SamJa

        I do agree that Kirk was the only thing that was even slightly funny at all in this, with one exception. Sulu breaking down crying was really fucking funny.

      • En ward

        ” It’s best benefit is that we’re already so familiar with these characters that they don’t need introduction, but that hardly equals ‘nostalgia’.”

        Uhh… Yes it does if someone is unfamiliar with the show they would not know who’s who, and not get the joke. Which doesn’t matter in this since zapp brannig- erm i mean Capt Kirk had the most screen time so there isn’t any real characterization. The Spock joke wouldn’t work at all.

        I didn’t find it funny at all and I really wanted to laugh, though i can see why you guys picked it, the editing and pacing was great, but seeing kirk act how he act just made me want to watch Futurama more than this. I’m happy you guys said it could be on adult swim because the animation in the show is horrible and off putting (which is not their fault) I’m not a fan of the lazy puppeteer like animation, seeing the Rick and morty one compared to that was like a breath of fresh air, and rick and morty isn’t greatly animated!

        Also the pentagon was a bit janky, again great production, but very bland. Maybe you guys had to suffer through a lot of bad ones and when one that is competently done came along it out shined the rest…

    • Plectrophenax

      Calling a liking for a certain comedic style “nostalgia” strikes me as a bit misleading and potentially unfair. Aside from that, I think you’ve done a good job at explaining the reaction of quite a few people to this entry.

      Personally, I was left genuinely impressed, even if other submissions have done more for me. It is precicely the kind of thing that I would expect a jury of competent judges to rank first – solid-but-safe at its worst and highly proficient-and-entertaining at its best, all while successfully emulating (and, at times, lovingly mocking) the exact style of its source material.

    • Lilith Geisler

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. The more i think about the entry, the less I like it.. And I didn’t like it to begin with. But its not my list.

  • Thomas Powers

    Totally forgot about this one, some of the early ones i watched when this was announced and the videos were available made it to the top 10 and I am glad to watch them again.

    congrats and excellent work to all the winners and top entries!

  • BlueMageBrilly

    Overall… I’m… kind of surprised this got #1. I mean, the voice acting was good, but very slow. The jokes were very hit or miss and a majority felt watered down by the slow and somewhat unemotional voice acting. The alien was the only one that really felt alive, other than a few characters that only spoke once or twice. However, I suppose I can also see how this makes it a great abridging, since the source material was like that too, and keeps the characters very similar to their original casting… Which is good. So I suppose from the idea of being an abridged series, it probably deserves its spot at number 1. But… I wouldn’t watch it, personally.

    Editing and scripting, it was pretty good with how it went, but I don’t know if the script itself felt like it deserves #1. I am with Yamato, though, on how this felt like an actual show on Adult Swim. But I do not agree with the pacing. It felt slow in a couple parts, but mostly just when they were talking. Maybe that’s just my issue with it: The talking is too slow, but it also was like that in the original show, I suppose. I don’t agree with Little Kuriboh’s statement on quoting stuff either. A lot of what was said just… wasn’t really something to remember. To me, at least. There wasn’t any hard hitting jokes, just a lot of casual ones tossed in there. Which did flow well and fit the video overall… But still didn’t really fit the hammer of other abridged series with their jokes and I can’t say I’ll be seeing any of these being quoted like even early TFS is still quoted here and there.

    Regardless, if this got more fleshed out characters and had a bit more polish on it, it could actually be a great series… Just not one I’d personally watch. But since I’m just some random guy, that probably doesn’t mean much.

    Don’t get me wrong, though, I feel like I’ve said a lot of negative things here and I’m probably just repeating myself over and over throughout this comment… This series has potential, it was scripted well, and it had good voice acting. But the jokes and the pacing were just too slow for me to say i’d watch it again. Could it be a cartoon on its own? Absolutely, I think it deserves that, at least.

    But for an abridged series, with such limited assets to work with, it would take a lot of effort and time to make it a series that really holds its own past more than five episodes. Again, I’m just a random guy, but that was my thoughts on the matter.

    Congrats on #1 regardless.

  • Rajvir Daniel Singh

    Looks like I’m in the minimum here, but for me personally I never actually laughed so that means to me it isn’t good. Still I don’t want to feel like an asshole so I’d also like to give my congratulations to tomandre on winning the contest.

    • Tymell

      Well, you’re not the only one :p This never even got a chuckle out of me, mostly because the characters were kind of non-existent, save for Kirk (who just felt like a default Kirk spoof a-la Zapp Brannigan) and the alien (which relied too heavily on stereotypical ghetto-speak to be funny). It came out feeling very slowly paced and lacking in real jokes or good characters to work with.

      The editing work (especially in the sound) was solid, and it did have a nice Aqua Teen Hunger Force feel at times, but just too little substance.

      • HikaruYami

        Did you actually watch Star Trek? Kirk *was* a default Kirk spoof. If you don’t believe me, ask William Shatner.

    • SamJa

      I do agree that it wasn’t even close to one of the funniest entries, but it was still kind of funny. The real importance to the judges was that it’s edits and musical direction are borderline flawless and the plot is cohesive and, yeah, that’s definitely true.

    • Lilith Geisler

      I didn’t like it either, so there’s that. I found it pretty boring myself. But I never liked most of Adult Swim’s humor. My stoner friends did. But I guess I never got it since When you go into the medical field you don’t get to do drugs and practice.

  • goombacrusher

    Fuckin called it dude!

  • heartbreah13

    I just love that most people thought that it would be FLCL or something like that but here we are with something else.(which is funny btw)

  • Bruce Wayne

    definitely had that adult swim feel. high quality. i really liked it, but probably wouldn’t put it at number 1.

  • Joshua Toback

    As the curtain falls on TIBA, let’s look at some other great entries.

    Assassination Classroom Abridged. The most professionally made entry, yet some of the jokes didn’t land. A must watch if you haven’t already. It’s really good.

    Fullmetal Alchemist Abridged: Conqueror of Shamballa. The BIGGEST upset of this competition. Great edits, funny dialogue, and a pitch perfect Edward Elric impression. Watch it. You’ll love it.

    Towards the TIBA, Charlotte Abridged, Cowboy Bebop Abridged, Hulk Hogan’s Rock and Roll Wrestlng Abridged (YES that’s a thing), and Astro Person are also great entries you should still watch.

    This completion brought talent out that we would have never seen, and congrats to the SlapOnTitan crew for winning!

    <3, JoshuaTobackVA

    • StriderZessei

      Sonic OVA Abridged was actually really funny to me.

    • SamJa

      I just watched the FMA: Shambala abridged and, even with the backstory of having watched 3/4th of FMA: Brotherhood, that Abridged made NO fucking sense.

  • this was really well done
    these guys definitly could give tfs a run for their money
    but they’re getting a trophy from them…
    its weird…
    anyways congrats to tomandre and his crew

  • Alius Neo

    I knew this one would place high; and I’m so happy to see it at #1. Congratulations to the Fall of Cthulhu; I knew as soon as I watched this that it would be top 30; and when I didnt see it in any other spot I knew it would be #1.

    Loved this episode and really hope the makers do more; even if it was a once a year type thing I would wait for it with anticipation :p. Congratulations again, and MAKE MORE PLEASE! 🙂

  • threadweaver

    Absolutely Killer. Had some misgivings with the “We’re Fucked” opening line, but everything following elevated WAY past that. Absolutely fantastic, worthy of the top spot.

  • Old Memes and Broken Dreams


    • samu

      Prrrraiiise the Walls!!1

  • Old Memes and Broken Dreams

    You know you’re watching something special when you see Captain Kirk rape Cthulhu…

  • RoninOfDeath

    Where’s LK’s honorable mention? Did they really show the number one slot before doing the last honerable mention?

    • LittleKuriboh didn’t have an honorable mention, as “there’s no honor in abridging”… but the legit reason is that he just didn’t have the time to do all that stuff that the honorable mention videos required.

      • LittleKuriboh

        Was told it was entirely optional. I’ve been kinda busy moving home so I ultimately had to choose not to surf through 300+ videos to find one I enjoyed more than the others.

        Log Horizon was pretty great though.

      • Ben “hbi2k”

        Pretty much. The way the contest was structured, the busiest guys (Taka, Kaiser, LK) only watched the Top 30 as determined by myself, Izzy, and Mac. It was pretty much the only way that having guys like Kaiser and LK as judges was at all feasible without delaying content like DBZA and YAS that everyone wants. It would have defeated the purpose to force them to also watch the rest in order to choose an Honorable Mention. Taka and Kaiser wound up finding entries they liked through other means, but that was them going above and beyond.

      • Just Iron

        That explains a lot right there.

      • Plectrophenax

        I feel like this should have been communicated from the start (provided it hasn’t – if it has, then shame on me). While it makes perfect sense and is overall very much worth it for having as many iconic judges as possible, I can only imagine it feeling like a bummer to have created an entry and then realizing that half the judges potentially didn’t even see it.

        Regardless, immense props to you for putting this together and keeping it as nicely streamlined as it turned out. I’m sure this contest sparked even more creativity than is immediately apparent, and that is an amazing thing.

      • Yeah, hit the nail on the head. As one of those entrants who didn’t place, I can say the most disappointing thing, easily, is now finding out that 50% of the judges never even saw what we worked on. It’s incredibly disappointing, very upsetting, and, in all honesty, makes me fairly angry. But I won’t vent my frustrations at length here. We shouldn’t take away from the teams that placed in this top 30. This is their moment.

      • That… That doesn’t sit well with me at all. I know this was your first contest like this, and obviously there will be hiccups, but now I understand how there were so many high quality entries that got snubbed. That sounds like an awful way to determine the results. It’s your contest, you can do what you want, but I’d recommend that IF you guys ever do another one, more transparency, more communication, and more involvement from ALL the judges. My team doesn’t even know if our entry was accepted or disqualified for some unknown reason, as we never received any communication, didn’t appear on the fan voting list, and didn’t make the top 30. Maybe sending a copy and paste email saying, “Hey, we received your entry. Hang tight!” wouldn’t be the hardest thing to do?

        On one hand, thank you for explaining how the judging was ultimately done. On the other hand… That explains a lot about why certain entries were left out, and it’s made the bad taste in my mouth a little stronger.

  • Jesse Gold

    Yesss. Star Trek TAS is so excellent. I’m really glad this won.

  • Uriah

    A Slap On Titan as entered the fray… going boldly where no abridger should go!

  • maswartz

    First laugh less than a minute in, this is a good start