The Hitchhiker’s Guide said not to, but we can’t help but Panic! at the Hakusho!

Congratulations to TheSchmuckSquad!  If you enjoy this video, check them out on YouTube!

Stay tuned after the video for our judges’ commentary!

Cast & Credits



CAST (in order of appearance)

YUSUKE: Dizzasta
KUWABARA: eagle8burger
HIEI: Grimmjack69
KEIKO: Naomified
BOTAN: Bread
BYAKKU: Grimmjack69
GENBU: Coffinjockey
KOENMA: GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA







  • Minitron

    I like how they used Hunter x Hunter music I noticed that leorio theme in the beginning

  • Nordey McKier

    Same issue I have with the Lord of the Rings movies, cuts are too fast yet the sum is too long. Bad pacing. Otherwise, acting is good and the writing shows a ton of potential. I’d keep an eye on this.

  • atomicPurple

    I honestly found this better than any of Lanipator’s yyha episodes.

  • Leo

    solid opening but I think it went a little down hill

  • Nicholas Howell

    I agree with hbi2k on this one. The story was very confusing until the end summed up what the plot actually should have been. The jokes didn’t have any punch to them and were few and far between. The editing was great, but some of the scenes didn’t flow with the “story.” However, juging on editing isn’t really much to go by anymore, since all of them have been stellar at this point. All in all, it was decent, but didn’t wow me like some others did. Not sure I would place it at 3.

  • omexheartless21

    o god iv seen this 1 lol

  • John Duarte

    This was actually fairly well done. I got a good half dozen small to medium laughs. And it was something that actually made me want to watch more. Great job.

  • Bruce Wayne

    top notch editing again, but less than stellar voice acting imo, especially kuwabara

  • Nathan Arce

    This was top-tier amazing. Makes me wonder what got 1st….

  • TactilePope

    I loved the exchange between Seiryu and Kuwabara. It kind of reminded me of some of the awkward exchanges between Goku and Freeza in DBZA.

  • Rajvir Daniel Singh

    I have to agree with Hbi2k, it’s definitely a well done abridgement, but I enjoyed several of the lower ranked entry’s a lot more.

    • cyxceven

      Same here. It is technically well-made, but the script was extremely bland. Didn’t laugh once.
      It also did nothing to distinguish itself from the sea of like-TeamFourStar-abridgments.
      Some of the funniest entries actually moved away from the TFS formula, and elevated themselves as a result.

  • Thuazabi

    Infinitely better than Yu Yu Hakushit

    • Joshua Toback

      It only got an honorable mention thanks to Critcal’s fanbase. Glad this one got in the top 30 over that.

  • Dominick

    This is one of the entries I saw before the voting took place and, I’m going to be honest, I thought it was good but not “Top 3” good. If I were one of the judges, I would have lowered this one’s placement to about 5th place at the lowest, because I feel like the previous 3 DC Entries are just that hard to top in my opinion.

  • NuclearBernz

    Did I hear an old school Bleach Soundtrack at 4:09?

    • Dark Star

      You sure did. lol

  • TheHolyEpic

    I’m guessing the top 3 will kinda be like Casablanca, Citizen Kane, and The Godfather in terms of which one is the best.

    • Ben “hbi2k”

      The top three were within fifteen points of each other out of a possible 300 (50 points per judge times six judges). It was an incredibly close race to the top spot. All three are amazing entries.

      • Matt

        Can you tell us how many points the top 3 each got? I’m curious how close they were to 300.

  • Dark Star

    Anyone stopped laughing out loud the closer it gets to #1? It’s not bad, just not funny as I thought. Effort most likely went into every other aspect. Maybe it’s just me.

    • Joshua Toback

      My favorite entries were this one, Fist of the North Star Abridged, and Super Mario Bros. That would be my top 3.

      • Dark Star

        Super Mario Bros killed me. The judges doesn’t like the ‘over the top’ ones. 🙁 .. i like those

  • Kanono


  • cocos momo

    *cough* friends of the judges get to 3rd place *cough* #TIBAISRIGGED *cough*

    • Joshua Toback

      I think Dizzasta has only worked with Yamato. Other than that, there’s no bias here.

      • cocos momo

        Dizzasta is in the same boat as yamato and hayabusa as part of SWE and is a friend of Taka. BuddyVA is also a friend of theirs. It’s rigged I tell you! Rigged!

    • Brian Rodriguez

      Upvoting your own comment? Are you that insecure??

      • cocos momo


  • Just Iron

    Did not get to see this entry until now. And what a pleasant surprise. Worthy of the top 3.

  • MemoryFell

    but what could even be better than this?
    i loved it, this is my 3rd time watching it haha

  • Jack Jacobs

    Eat your heart out Lani.

    My only complaint was that I wanted more Hei!

  • ThatWasFred

    I think I agree the most with hbi2k on this one. Clearly very well-done, but something about it didn’t quite click with me. But great job!

    • Ben “hbi2k”

      At this point I feel pretty comfortable saying that the problem lies with me, not the entry. (-: You ever get that? You’re watching something and it’s like, “I know this is good. I know this. Everything about this is good. Why is this having no effect on me?”

      • Joshua Toback

        This was the cleanest, funniest, and most quoteable entry out of all of them. I get why you didn’t like it but this was EASILY my pick to win.

        My top 2 now are probably

        1. Fullmetal Alchemist Abridged
        2. Assassination Classroom Abridged

        Star Wrecked is an honorable mention for the same reason why you didn’t like this one as much. It didn’t click with me. The source footage was weird, the jokes were very hit or miss, and I don’t think it deserves a top 3 spot. Maybe swap it with Entry number 18. Just my opinion. I won’t protest if it wins, though. I can absolutely see why. It’s just not my kind of humor.

        Now let’s see some Korosenpai soon. I want it. You want it.

      • ThatWasFred

        I do get what you mean. There’s nothing for me to criticize about it! So I’ll just say that I understand why it placed #3.

  • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

    Lanipator’s YYHA is probably always going to be my favorite as his Yusuke and Kuwabara are just spot on and I find his humor a bit more off the cuff, but HOT DAMN is this good. I’d love to see more. The subversion of the original story is really great, a ton of the jokes hit home, the original code names gag got me with great timing for the reveal, and the acting is solid. Unlike with Dumb Justice, the eye movements here feel much more natural and aren’t distracting and the source footage really makes it shine, I was wondering if it was a remaster because I’m so used to seeing Lani’s, which is a bit weaker in the footage department. Overall, an amazing entry. it definitely gave me a 4 friends shooting the shit kinda vibe with the main cast, which is as it should be and it works really well.

    That’s our half bitch. Would love to see more, but the one critique I must levy is…where do you go from here? We don’t have an opener or room for continuation, so this feels a bit more like a pilot rather than an episode in a series. A one off, basically. Still, if this team wants to be the successors to YYHA, they’ve more than earned it. Absolutely want an episode 2.

    • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

      Oh, also? Blows the F*** the judges YYH out of the water. THIS is how you abridged YYH! THIS IS TALENT!

  • Draqson

    I was pretty sure this and “Star Wrecked” would make Top 2 – so im very, very curious who made it instead.

  • android19

    This was real good. Not gonna lie, “WE’RE IN THE SAME ROOM” actually got me to laugh out loud a bit. Top tier has not disappointed.

  • Kyo And Ruka

    Very solid entry in every regard. This was also very start studded; lots of big YouTubers were behind this.

  • Jack Hays

    Didn’t really like this that much. No idea why it made it so high. I was hoping a couple others would make it to the top instead.

  • Erich Damer

    Props for bronze medal there

  • Michael Hurt

    The “that’s how I saved Christmas” line is also a reference to Lanipator’s Yu Yu Hakusho abridged… well a reference to the Grand Unifed Christmas special that crossed Lani’s Yu Yu Hakusho abridged, hbi2k’s Berserk Abridged and Vegeta3986 and MasakoX’s Naruto abridged anyway as yeah in that Kuwabara wanted to be asked to save Christmas. Honestly for some reason I think the Mario Milk one is the most rewatchable one in terms of pure comedy I’ve seen but this one is still incredibly solid. I think the twist ending of Suzaku revealing they’re tennants that have to pay the rent was especially funny and you know props for this being something that parodied an arc instead of just an episode and cherry picking the best jokes to use. And this is totally different then Lani’s. No joke: I for the heck of it watched YYH Abridged 15 the other day which has Genbu in it and yeah this plays out totally different as we don’t here any “get er dones” in here at all.

  • Petra_Lal

    I think we’ll see Star Wrecked: The Fall of Cthulhu and One Abridged Man for number 1 and 2. I just can’t decide on the order..

  • Ivan LeRoy

    Congrats to MrBuddyVA, the only person who worked on this!

  • now whats no 2 and 1?
    i assumed this would be no 1
    still kudos to the schmucks, psweasel and all the other people who put in work for this
    really entertaining

    • Michael Bootes

      My fingers are crossed for Star Wreck Fall of Cthullu

      • Gustavo Risso

        still remain among my favorites:
        -Samurai Champloo Abridged Oneshot
        -Ultimate Spider-Man Abridged
        -Assassination Classroom Abridged
        -Berserk Abridged
        -My Zero Lackademia Pilot
        how many of these are not here I have no idea

      • Joshua Toback

        Assassination Classroom, Star Wrecked, and FMA Shamballa are the only 3 “amazing” entries left. Personally, I didn’t care for Star Wrecked but I think it should’ve placed. My pick to win was this, so I assume either FMA or Assassination Classroom will be at LEAST 1 of the two spots left.

        I think the judging, and the competition as a whole, have been so fun to watch. I want another competition next year!

      • Michael Bootes

        Wasn’t there already a my hero Academia one or was that one of the audience favs?

        If so I thought they were limiting to one per series

      • Disgruntled cat

        I really liked that one too.

  • Matt McKisson

    Voice acting and editing was pretty good, but the script suffered from the first scene being the most hilarious. Kuwabara was kind of consistently funny though.

  • Overthinker

    well no1 probably will be ultimate spiderman and no2….i guess the Re:Zero abridged?

    • Jack Hays

      no2 will be ultimate spiderman and no1 will be Jonah Hex abridged

  • zekana

    dammit, this broke the dc/batman pattern.
    i kid. this is really good. i hope you guys decide to do the whole series cause you guys have great writing.

  • MynameisEarl

    Nicely done TheSchmuckSquad! You guys deserve it! Delight in your “Archer” and “TeamFourStar” feels 😀

  • Casey Miller

    Well there goes my bracket.

  • Joshua Toback

    WHAT? This was my winner! Wow, I wonder who won now?