I’m just glad Kaiba didn’t do the Dreamworks face.

Also Starring

  • Lanipator as Lector
  • Kirbopher as Noah
  • Antfish as Gozaburo
  • ShadyVox as Hobson
  • Musical Mike as Businessman

Bonus art by Kirbopher and The Amazing Rinbo

  • Squishybrick

    6:05 Waaaiiiit a minute.. A bunch of main characters riding a green three-wheeled truck down a raised highway… It’s not even a vague reference, they copied every detail of it, the only thing missing would be some dudes fighting on motorcycles- … Oh wait… .

    Was I the first person to catch this?

    Kuribo sure didn’t, he wouldn’t have missed an opportunity for an FF7 reference this good.

  • purple_duck

    Sorry I meant del datetime=”02:28″ aka 02:28 in to the vide

    • purple_duck

      It’s You’re Not Me

  • purple_duck

    What was the song being played at the end of the Ep?

    • eirak

      nyeh cant

  • Master

    “Marik took me on a pizza”

  • Master

    Nyeh Cat

  • Xzit18

    Localization ftw kitty face *d*

  • Fran3ro

    “Eat it, nerds!” oh that Kaiba haha

  • danielle the dandan

    HUDSON LAND. I would go there, would you.

  • danielle the dandan

    oops i meant to say down not browne. that explains why the text turned red when put down bown; i should really stop solving my problems with an e at the end of things

  • danielle the dandan

    i would totally buy a poster of “Tristan! put bowne the stick!” or even if it was a shirt to.