• banjomarx

    erm language is stored in your lexicon not your event memory or your skills memory so…. he would still speak egyptian

    • Ajay Paulose

      You’re applying brain science to a ghost…

  • Marik is bum
    To tight cloths are not good
    May’s joke is forgiven cos she is hot

    • MasterSenpai

      you arent very good at haiku’s

  • AwkwardAlan

    LITTLEKURIBOH! I jsut remembered you are *HERE* now since you are always being banned! :’D I’m so actually f*cking glad I got you back. no effence TFS, but this man made it all possible, and I owe him possibly days of wasted youtube time in my youth :’D I’m here for LK.

  • DigiPokeNinjaDragon Fangirl

    Wait a minute, if the Pharaoh doesn’t have his memories, how does he remember that half his slaves died of excess whipping, or that the other half died of overexposure, or that the pyramid he had them build was a birthday gift from him to himself? How does he even remember he was a pharaoh, or if he was even Egyptian?

    • dragonbolt00

      Because plot holes.

      • DigiPokeNinjaDragon Fangirl

        Sounds legit. You make a great point! Kudos! I like quoting stuff from this abridged series, and all the other abridged series featured on this website.

      • jpic89

        The correct response is because shut up.

    • tritons

      those are his happiest memories and one can’t forget those.

  • Fireassassin

    Wait a minute… If the answers to Life, The Universe, and Everything are written on Marick’s back, then shouldn’t the tatoo be a giant 42?

    • Mcsticken

      Well, that’s obviously ancient Egyptian for 42. Duh.

    • DigiPokeNinjaDragon Fangirl

      It’s in a complex code in ancient Egytian that only the Pharoah can decipher, so as to prevent nonpharoah Egyptians from figuring out how to say 42 in Egyptian. I mean, I wouldn’t put it past Melvin to look at the reflection of his back, or Florence to look at Marik/Melvin’s back to try and decipher it. They actually can read ancient Egyptian, because Florence still has HIS memories, and Marik and Melvin were raised in an Egyptian tomb.

  • Tytarion Dagen

    I’ve wondered this for a while, but who plays who on this exactly?

    • Myriad Truth

      Little Kuriboh voices everyone

    • dragonbolt00

      Littlekuribo pretty much plays everyone. Except for a couple times.

  • Tytarion Dagen

    You know I’ve looked at this and I thought it was canceled and nixed several times over.

  • I miss Marik already!

  • AdiKor007

    awesome episode, as always.
    P.S.: your german guys (at about 5:50, especially the brown-haired one) rule! Couldn’t stop laughing about the “ScheiรŸe!”-part

  • mustango

    Bizarre accidental discovery: At roughly 8:12 this episode activates Siri. No, it really does. You have to have an iPhone plugged into power with voice activation turned on. I don’t know why it works, nothing Marik says sounds anything like “Hey Siri”, but it does. Try it!

  • NyehPrenses

    Hello LittleKuriboh I am Turkish!
    I love Yugioh Abridged I’m so glad I found it I watched every single episode and ever time I laugh so much!!!
    Thanks fรถr making us laugh it’s so funny!
    I hope more new episodes come out next time!

  • Sonnenprinzessin

    And now I’ll be putting my last two cents for today on the awesomeness that is YGOTAS and Little Kuriboh! *lol*

    I’ve said it a few times already, but I really love the fact you came over to the TFS site, LK! It’s nice to have all the best content gathered in one spot, and I suppose YGOTAS is that one iconic thing that got so many, myself included, into abridging in the first place.

    Yours was the first abridged series I’ve seen, and I’ve been hooked ever since the very first episode. I suppose you’re like the forefather of abridging or something, and I have the utmost respect for your brain’s creativity and for how far you’ve made it from the first episode of YGOTAS to today.

    It’ll also never cease to amaze me to know that you’re doing ALL the voices by yourself (spare for the occasional guest stars, of course), you cover such a wide palette of characters and you manage to give all of them something unique that makes them notably different from one another despite one person doing the voicing. It’s great and quite an admirable thing.

    Seto und Yami have got to be my most favorite characters in the show, I suppose Kaiba’s “screw the rules I have money” line (and attitude) will be remembered for generations to come XD I love your wittiness and your jokes and puns, and your characterizations of the protagonists (and antagonists *lol*) Marik and Bakura turned out wonderfully evil and crazy in a very hilarious way, and you’re really great in capturing and parodying the main aspects of the original anime.

    I was very excited when you announced the Naruto spoof, and am very much looking forward to its continuation. I mean, take your time and all, and take pride in the fact that people love your stuff so much and it’s so good, they don’t mind waiting however long it takes *lol* Until today, you’ve always managed to make the wait worthwhile =)

    Thank you very much for starting the abridging machine, and being the abridge pioneer XD Without you, we wouldn’t have all the fun and entertainment we can enjoy on this site today. Or at least, without YGOTAS I personally would never have discovered the wonderful world of goodheartedly making fun of your favorite animes.

    Your hard work as well as the effort and the time you put into your projects are very much appreciated, and even if they get a little impatient every now and again, your fans (myself included) love you and your work a lot. So don’t you dare quit before you finish at least both YGO and Naruto, which in view of especially the Naruto series should hopefully keep you with us for years and years to come! XD

    You’re awesome at what you do, so keep doing it and thanks for sharing your comedy genius with all of us! I hope that one day I will make it to one of the conventions and see you in person so that I can get your autograph, frame it and put it on my wall and be really proud of it *laughs*

    Much love, appreciation and admiration all the way from Germany!

    • Xystre

      My God it’s like a Tea friendship speech…

  • SPhere

    Great episode
    i hope that Taka will voice Dartz again

  • It was funny
    Fun people

  • Rivera

    100th comment. And finally a new episode. Thanks, team4stars….i mean LK. xD

  • VoltageControl

    Remember kids, all of life’s problems can be solved with the power of friendship or challenging someone to a children’s card game.

    • NyehPrenses

      Hahahhahaha this comment made me laugh ๐Ÿ˜€

  • MarikIshtar

    omg awful season four.. cant wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  • purpleheart3000

    Ooh, new episode! FINALLY! Great as always, littleKuriboh!

    Just one question – from 4:56 to 5:08 (when Joey is falling worrying over Mai), what is the name/source of the music that plays? Is it from the original YuGiOh?

  • darkalter2000

    You are back! I missed you guys! And you’ve teamed up with your mortal enemies. Team Four Star. o-o I never thought I would see the day when my favorite abridgers where all on one site!

    • Spandex Faffy

      Yeah, sure, mortal enemies, you sure about that, bitter rivals maybe but mortal enemies, nah. (also LK has done voices for TFS before you know, he was narator and Frieza in dragonball)

  • GrandLocomon

    Please upload the movies abridged as well!

  • DuBRider

    Awesome! Please take your time with the next one so it will also be that great! Thank you!!

  • thomastheterminator

    Waking the dragons is next! I wonder who will voice Rebecca since LK isn’t married to Safty anymore?

    • jpic89

      Dude…not cool.

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    Glad you are back LK! Keep up with the excellent work you are doing!

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    This episode, I like it.


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    where the hell is the freaking LIKE button!? oh, there it is..
    seriously, thanks for continuing this.. thanks.. like.. i broke up with my girlfriend after 5 years of being inloved and stuff and you seriously and unconditionally made me laugh! man, that’s huge! wo! thanks! =’)

  • Darth Kool-Aid

    This episode was hilarious. The jokes were original and pertained to the actual show. Definitely worth the wait. I’m sad there will be no more Marik but now we will have DARTZ! I cannot wait for the next season – it was my favorite season of Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid and I’m sure LK will have a blast parodying it. Can’t wait!

  • chocobo

    May and Serenity’s prank was hilarious. Its the best joke followed by Duke’s tournament idea LOL

    • jpic89

      The prank was in the actual show. Not LK’s idea.

  • Butteredpoptart

    This season is now over next stop the dartz saga

  • SweetestDuelist32


    And that’s how I deal with most of my problems: Blink at things angrily until they submit.

    And Tea’s not the only one who’s currently clinically brain dead. I think she’s been brain dead the whole time. xD

    I’m sure he’s find some sort of way to bring Marik into season 4!

  • superchibikawaii

    YES !! This was deff worth the wait ! I loved every single bit of it !! Thanks LK !

  • crazydude99

    ok did Joey actually win or did Yami let him

    Evcerybody Stop Ruining Yu-Gi-Oh!!

  • Tytarion Dagen

    I pray to every deity every time I see this that they’ll CHANGE TEA, MAI, AND SERENITY’S VOICE!!! Pardon they’re just so irritating.

  • cormac596


  • Lilligant

    is it me or this episode looks alot better than all the other episodes ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • theeshyguy

      It’s made about 6 months after the last few, so :/

  • arich202

    Am I right? Wonderful episode, thanks!!!!

  • Great work Martin! Thanks! Definitely enjoyed it! Great to have you back!

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    awesome!! this episode was worth the wait, can’t wait for the next one!

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    can’t wait to see Dartz lol
    THANK YOU LK! <3 This episode was worth the wait! I knew it would be worth

  • CafeMan24

    Next time. . .DARTZ!


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    The wait was long, but it did not disappoint. Probably woke the neighbors laughing.

  • likalaruku

    “Please don’t turn around.”

  • AngelaMort

    I’ll miss Marik so muuuuch! But I can’t wait for season 5 8DDDDDDD

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    Help I can’t watch Cruz I got tablet plz tell me a way to fix

    • Jigsaw1591

      Don’t be ratchet?

  • Yukieiros

    finally the end of the Battle City Finals Arc

  • CaptainCooper9595

    I clicked on it because of mariks abbs.

  • Sly

    Since when TFS are streaming Yu Gi Oh abridged doesnt LK have his own site for that?Anyway missed these abridged series and great episode.

    • AtrianPrim

      His site was taken down with out much notice, so TFs being good friends with LK aloud him to put his stuff on here.

      • Sly

        AH ok thanks for reply :DHope we see more of LK and yu gi oh abridged ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Sly

        AH ok thanks for reply :DHope we see more of LK and yu gi oh abridged ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Anyone else getting the “cannot connect to server” error?

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    How do I download the episode?

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    looks like my internet connection didn’t stand a ghost…of a chance. (but seriously I could barley watch the vid cause of lag issues).

  • DNastyKuriboh

    Goddamit. I love you Lil Kuriboh! I FEEL LIKE Joey won too, I me how did he get back Red Eyes!?


  • jmg1988

    Awesome as always. Looking forward to more!

  • Dan Green

    Why are you making new episodes when you could be making new episodes?

  • ed765super

    TFS revived Yugioh Abridged. Half Life 3 confirmed. The cake isn’t a lie. Pigs can fly. Vegeta’s a woman. The sky is green and the grass is blue. Shrek is Life, Shrek is Love

  • chikabananas

    Oh, good!

  • SoraFireSoul

    i wonder did Joey did beat yugi on it did not shpw that dule what i wish thay did

  • nsfrie01

    this isnt the end of the series is it? this is as far as i got in the show

    • Ygg

      No. Now we dueeeee…him! DUE HIMUP THE WAWAWAWHEEE. / DartzJoke

      Unless LittleKuriboh skips Season 3 altogether, it’s time for Dartz and his Seal of Bullshit. After that it’s time to back in time with YuGi and watch Yami Bakura become a Game Master.

  • MarikIshtar

    wowie. im gonna miss bakura and marik… being a team..

  • Xelrog T. Apocalypse

    I’m confused. Why is this on the TFS site? Were they involved somehow?

    • NCHaskew

      Nah man. YGOTAS.com got taken down, along with alot of other Blip channels because of some buyout. LK contacted TFS, and they’re letting him put his stuff on this site. It also means his YouTube channel won’t be taken down as much. There are a few articles on it if you go to the Little Kuriboh page on the site.

    • alphafailed

      Didn’t you hear? LittleKuriboh sold out to the corporates! There’s a video and everything on his youtube channel!

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  • SuperSaiyanGuvz21

    All I really have to say is that this episode was definitely worth the wait. I was wondering what was going to happen with Kaiba on the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Jet, as well as Marik with the Winged Dragon of-I mean, Mega Ultra Chicken.

    Stop Ruining Yu-Gi-Oh! Marik, Kaiba, & Joey! lol ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    • SuperSaiyanGuvz21

      Oh, and keep up the good work, LK!

  • AwesomeSeth13

    Thanks for the new video all of us fans appreciate it even if we tell you to make the next video every two seconds

  • Unclever title

    Why did you make this episode when you could be making more episodes?*

    *Reference for those who think I am straight up insane**: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVvuEEvsdTI )

    **To be honest though you’re probably not far from the truth

  • yamibakura007

    Welcome back

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    Finally a very satisfying end to the abridged series. Now i can go jump off a cliff

    • AttentionGrabber

      Like Bill from accounting?

      • SuperSaiyanGuvz21

        Especially like Bill from accounting…

      • nsfrie01

        I thought it was chad?

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    Never has a day been happier than today! Had me in hysterics! Well worth the wait, as it always is ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I liked the fact that you put the popping noise when Melvin’s eye disappeared.

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    I missed my Melvin Hugs.

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    Good to have you back in action LK. Great episode!

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    I have missed these ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Why are you making an episode that’s enjoyable when you could be making a lot of episodes with some good content!?

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    Wow littlekuriboh and teamfourstar merged…fused together eh? I like it. Great to have you back LK, keep up the good work man, that latest episode had me floored and my sides literally are gone now.


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    YGOTAS or DBZA. Who will reach 70 episodes first?

  • SSJ5MajinGoku

    Yes! We Got more!

  • Can’t wait for the next season. It’s gonna be a hoot. <3

  • EtherealDreamer

    Totally missed a chance there to have Kaiba say something like “Screw continuity, I have money!”
    I mean, old joke but with all the callbacks it seemed appropriate. Awesome episode though!

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    Amazing!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    New episode!~ Woohoo!

    Aww, I don’t want Marik to leave. I totally ship him and Bakura. lol

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      I totally ship Marik with Marik.

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    Why are you posting episodes when you could be making more episodes?

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    I’m so glad these will be coming out on a more regular basis now. I missed LK’s humour

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    And so now the two most powerful abridged series have combined forces. I have no problems with this.

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    Good to have you back LK! Another hilarious video as usual! Can’t wait for the next! I think I about died with “Oh my god, a giant cock!” That was just pure gold there.

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    Weclome back to the world of the updaters LK. Thanks for this brilliant episode and keep them coming!!!

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    Very satisfying episode, nicely rounded off. Almost cried when neither Marik nor Bakura appeared to be insane though ๐Ÿ˜›

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    back with a bang ๐Ÿ™‚

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    This is why LK is the king

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    So does this mark the end of Season 3 and are you going to do the Seal of Orichalcos’ shit??

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    This episode was hilarious!!! I kinda forgot how funny YGOTAS actually is. It has been a while since LK made a new episode.

  • Frevoli

    No Joey vs Kaiba duel?

    • Sharkssmart1

      Episode 60

    • Havoc13

      Episode 60 man


    Geez I can’t to see how long it takes the next episode to come out…. but seriously good stuff man ๐Ÿ˜€

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    YESSSSSSSSSS so excited!

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    More than worth the wait. I’m so glad LK is on TFS and making more content! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I’m so happy!

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