Edited by 1KidsEntertainment

Special Guests:

1KidsEntertainment as Ash Ketchum
Nowacking as Misty
xJerry64x as Brock
Kirbopher as Noah Kaiba
GanXingba as Gansley #1
HBI2K as Gansley #2
Takahata101 as Krump
KaiserNeko as Johnson
MasakoX as Nesbitt
Lanipator as Lector
Antfish as Gozaburo

  • Saud Hashim

    Why this episode had deleted????

  • DreamDesire

    why did they ever stop this abriged lol

    • Ajay Paulose

      I think they just really slowed down

  • MasterSenpai

    i guess i could have picked YOUR BUTT!! *mutters to self* youre an adult, this isnt actually funny. youre an adult, this isnt actually funny… goddamn it, how did he make such an immature joke so funny

  • That was a super important call
    This was very fun
    Tristen is a good singer
    CSI Miami joke i despise and it damaged to a video

    • Anakin The Weird

      Well you sure grammar like a DeadCobra. Good roleplaying!

  • xXOtaku_KonekoXx

    I feel like an idiot… there’s a youngster named Joey in one of the Pokemon games and you can’t get him to shut up about his Rattata. Dx

  • xXOtaku_KonekoXx

    Noah, Gozaburo… -Points to the back of the Kaiba queue.- THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO! -Turns back to my own line and crosses my arms.- It’s amazing how many people find a short, spikey-haired Japanese boy attractive.

  • Reign

    Lmao. That was amazing. Keep up the good work and ignore the jerks who have nothing better to do but complain.

  • E_Jazz

    A filler in an abridged series??

  • Nerd1490

    This is amazing!

  • KotainoKage24

    You guys are so ungrateful and impatient. The man will release the episode whenever he feels like it.

  • bgpeters22

    Well if any of you pay attention to his recent videos, you’d realize he hasn’t been in the best of places. He’s struggling in his personal life which kinda takes away the inspiration to write. He recently said he started writing again so stop acting like he owes you new episodes. It’s not like these things are made years in advance and posted like a saturday morning cartoon. Each one takes its own amount of work.

  • Your mother

    Where is the new episode I love your work and it is more important to me than breathing littlekuriboh I know your reading this do not ironge me

  • RainmasterXD

    Why don’t you have a progress bar like TFS does? It would be nice to know about how far the episode is away.

  • Podo

    What exactly is causing the new episode to take months to make? In the time it’s taking you to make episode 64, I have watched through seasons 4 and 5 of both the English and Japanese versions of Yugioh and am starting on GX. When it’s taking this long I just have to ask what exactly is going into the new episode for it to take so long?

    • gorillasuplex

      It will come out when he is done with it. Be patient.

      • RainmasterXD

        But still it would be nice to have an update or something.

  • cchiu23

    BTW guys, slifer the executive producer is a reference how they named the english version of the card after the producer of the english anime (1st season) Roger slifer

    • RainmasterXD

      I thought most people got that joke…

  • darkalter2000

    You guys are gonna keep updating, right? I miss this series.

  • Goku309

    Hey LK I love all the stuff you put out, but when is new stuff coming out? No offence but no one really wants to see you play as Maverk on video games. Again, live the material. Can’t wait for the new stuff

    • DrummerDancer

      No offense but it’s rather arrogant to assume that ‘no one’ wants to watch him play video games as Marik. I, personally, enjoy them, and I wish LK all the best with anything he pursues.

    • peruna otus

      Offense totally meant, you are obnoxiously pretentious. Marik Plays is awesome and hilarious, so speak only for yourself.

      • RainmasterXD

        But if you had to choose between that and a new episode?

      • bgpeters22

        Don’t worry he’s just sad. I mean really, you live on a periodically updated internet show. And there’s not something wrong with you?

  • dhimal9000

    Its OVER 9000!!!…brilliant video, especially the dubbing of Russell Crowe! 😀 Keep it up!

  • Seto Kaiba

    I… I don’t… I can’t change my picture. Also, good video… How the hell do you do this?!

    • RainmasterXD

      Very carefully and with great skill.

  • TheEarlOfMillenium

    Man, this was one really amazing episode!
    Love the references on your own jokes 😀

  • Loved the way LK did this one. He literally referenced every problem that was ever pointed out by someone else. You’ve got to appreciate an artist that can joke about themselves. I’m sure 64 will be worth the wait 🙂

    • arocktheworld26

      Especially with the Orichalcos Arc being next

      • Havoc13

        Card Games by Motorcycles

  • CaptainLepooh

    Inb4 “don’t watch it if you don’t like it”,

    But I really do feel sorry for people that still like and watch Yugioh abridge. It’s just been like 5+ years of (not even remotely funny) reference jokes and blatant character ripoffs from ATHF and other dumb shows from adult swim. Outside from that, the only thing that’s remotely original from LK is Tristan and Duke and the only characters worth liking is Marik and Bakura and those two are gone for the foreseeable future. But seriously though, why wait?

    Little Kuriboh please just bail out of this already and let others abridge that do it 1000x times better. Or TeamFourStar guys, please nudge LK into quitting because having a partnership with LK and making him shit out one more episode from his usual ‘two a year’ is doing nobody any good. I mean cmon Now he’s ripping off the Kai abridge!

    • shuart24

      Actually, Kai Abridged ripped off LK. The Kai episode was a direct reference to YGOTAS ‘A Tale of Two Tournies.’ Why on Earth did you think Yami Yugi had a cameo at the end of it?

      Besides, if you’re at all familiar with YGO, you should know that episode #144 was a recap episode. Tea and Serenity literally sat down and flashbacked for the entire episode. (Not that you care. Seriously, why are you here?)

    • rihamega

      Oh I feel sad for you because you have no sense of humor…please leave

      • AdiKor007

        Seconded, especially the last part. Seriously, if you don’t like what it’s become just use your internet browser to visit a different site. Believe me, it is much easier to avoid certain content than you’d think. Easiest way: not typing in “Yu-gi-oh Abridged” in your search engine.
        There should be literally noone forcing you to either watch this or leave an unwelcome comment. Constructive critisicm on the other hand would have been appreciated.
        Glad to be of help.

      • Havoc13


    • Seth

      If you don’t like the content that’s fine but many of us thoroughly enjoy this show. You can go watch something else and kindly keep your very rude opinions to yourself as they aren’t constructive or necessary. Little Kuriboh works very hard and he should be commended for continuing to put out content despite naysayers.

    • thegeekinpink92

      Dick move bro.

    • RainmasterXD

      The Kai isn’t a rip off it was a thing he did since he just got partnered with TFS and maybe you just have a different sense of humor eh? True I wish he was much more consistent but what can you do he has more in his life than just abridging. And who other than TFS would you say does abridging anywhere near the level LK does? True there are a lot of other people that do other series, but i have yet to see one that rivals these two. Both in success and quality.

    • JeiReiTei

      I signed up because your comment was so ridiculous I felt I needed to reply. Aside from the fact that he has created the abridge series with tons of memorable quotes and characters, he also does most of it alone which of course takes time, compared to a team that each has their own skills and talents they can use to get videos out. Maybe its people who constantly b**** and moan about every video and the time it takes that makes him not want to keep going with the series. Why bother doing something if people aren’t going to appreciate it.

      And as a side note, this was a flashback episode which he has done before about the Pegasus Arc, and before TFS did theirs, I’m sure calling it Kai was a joke since he’s now on the TFS Website.

  • Droitzel

    Oh, how I’ve missed these. Also, for some reason the controller made me giggle histerically.

  • Wiebejamin

    I JUST got the joke abuot Joey and the Ratata

    • solidkratos

      I’m still having trouble with the joke would you explain

      • AdiKor007

        watch pokemon ‘bridged by 1kids

        then all shall be revealed, young padawan

      • RainmasterXD

        In the first pokemon games the first trainer (that isn’t your rival) that you face uses a rattata and talks about how it is the best thing ever.

      • RainmasterXD

        And his name is Joey

      • ecroose

        in Pokemon Silver, Gold, Heartgold, and Soulsilver, a kid named Joey will ask for your pokegear number. DO NOT GIVE IT TO HIM OR YOU WILL BE CAST INTO A PLACE OF PAIN AND TORMENT

  • setakaibo

    4 mins and 20 seconds is a Rocky Horror Picture Show reference LOL. If you don’t know it then I feel sorry for you

  • I_thought_it_was_toast

    Blue-peeps Honkey dragon

    • crazydude99

      Blue Peeps Whitey Dragon

      • symasino

        Screw da rules i gots money! 😀

  • daniellefff

    Might be my favourite video series of all time

  • nicolasminue

    did you think that littlekuriboh is reading this?

    • AdiKor007

      if it’s memorable and hilarious ….. oops

  • nicolasminue

    muy buen capitulo, voy a tratar de subtitularlo

  • TopHatHex

    I really liked Marik and Bakura in the series together. I’m going to miss them. They were definitely my favorite part.

    • symasino

      I wish they make another council of doom

    • ecroose

      they’re really good in the LK lets plays

  • crazydude99

    WTF was crump doing…

    • ecroose

      Masturbating. He was masturbating to penguins.

  • Really going to miss Marik and Melvin! Great episode as usual 🙂

  • adyy78

    good job,keep it coming x)

  • uggthebugg

    So the new editor is good and I but I honestly hope he didn’t add the opening himself…because using a more popular series to showcase his own work would just be wrong. :/

    Other than that, funny stuff as usual. 🙂

    • Appreciate the concern, but no. I didn’t add it. The writing is entirely done by Martin, and it always will be.

      • uggthebugg

        You’re doing great. Thank you for clarifying. 🙂

  • valora390

    Would anyone happen to know where the season 0 movie is at?

  • ChristophTSS


  • newstomper

    But…but what about the Rattata?

  • Sharkssmart1

    Give that ‘Tristan’s singing voice’ an Oscar!!!

  • Shirou14

    Next up is season four! SO MUCH BALONEY LK WILL HAVE TOO MANY JOKES! I just watched. Dear ra. it’s bad.

  • Tarranium

    Why does it at the end have “[colridge]”? Is it a reference the YouTube channel? Those guys who are trying to become a network for abridgers? Kinda like how YGOTAS is here on TFS’s site?

  • Dammit Martin I was fucking kidding when I said that there should be a Yu-Gi-Oh! Z Kai abridged! 😀
    Hilarious as always man! Keep it up!

  • Dandog002

    omg LK knows what Pingu is 😀
    This episode was really funny.

  • The Fangirl

    Oh, wow! I’m still trying to catch my breath! Where in hell do I start? Amazing! The jokes came fast and furious! Love it! LK and One Kids make a great team! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Kiriari

    ….So… full cover of Tristan singing Javert? pls

    • arocktheworld26

      Screw it. Let’s redub the whole movie!!!!!!!!

    • Danregan

      Damn i will love to see The Confrontation singed by Joey and Tristan!

  • innesrock

    So many referencessss!!
    T’was Brilliant.

  • thegeekinpink92

    Hilarious! I have been sooooo excited all day for this and it did not disappoint in the slightest! Can’t breathe for laughing! XD

  • DBZVegeta

    It’s over 9000! lol sorry had to be said. Damn YAMI!

    Couldn’t stop laughing at this.

  • Fluffy T. Banchuck

    I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in ages

  • sreaper

    good episode

  • theoremofgoats


  • Pserberus


  • MalkavianRP

    i’m tripping so many balls right now