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Edited by 1KidsEntertainment

Also Starring:

Kyle Hebert as Narrator
Takahata101 as Dartz
Tomamoto as Gurimo
Nowacking as Dark Magician Girl

  • Imagine Breaker

    so that where duel on bike from 😀

  • A Karpenter

    7:50 – 7:58 we need atleast a 1 hour loop of that xD

  • crusnic198

    so……. are you ever gonna make another episode?

    • Ookami2nd

      dude he’s got depression give him sometime

  • Casbyness

    Long time lurker forced out of hiding to high five the City of Heroes music in the newsflash! 😀

  • stanchi

    first time i watched this i thought: hmm dartz kinda sounds like paradox from the BBT abridged movie. then i remembered paradox saying: “…my grand grand father dartz…” i see whatcha did there 😀

  • Salbiscuit

    Oh man, so good! Did you get a new mic? The sound quality seems improved. At any rate, please keep up the good work, and thank you for making these videos!

  • Great episode good to see that the series can continue and i hope it will
    Pore Tristan

  • ABritishPerson

    Hey LK, I just wanted to mention that I started up a Vine account dedicated to YGOTAS. (If anyone actually cares it’s the same username as this one btw) I’d like to get your personal permission to make it an official YGOTAS account

  • chopperhead2011

    Why is there a character named Aleistar in the same episode that the unicursal hexigram appears? That’s some occultic shit right there

  • bassmanchris

    I can’t wait until season 4… The fillerest of filler. I just finished watching it. and mannnn…. every episode they told you what pot of greed did. Like, LK has to make a joke about how pot of greed is mentioned like every five minutes. Also we have the campiest villain since Pegasus.

    • ChristophTSS

      You think Season 4 was a lot of filler and had a campy villain? Just wait until the first half of Season 5. Zigfried: the only character in the original series less manly than Pegasus.

  • Tahkaullus01

    I just realised how many jokes LK has opened for himself next episode considering the opponent Yugi will be facing.
    You know of what I speak, viewers: A Great Eye. Lidless. Wreathed in Flame.

  • trexdrew


  • Beaton1039

    Seriously LK… Bladestorm is a guilty pleasure of mine…. Now to find out a new Bladestorm is out… AND YOUR IN IT!!!(and as Hal… HA!) I don’t know how to express my thanks for how much you entertain me in life… Well I have to start downloading Bladestorm… All I need now is Fallout 4 with you voicing in it and I will officially give you my soul!

  • xXOtaku_KonekoXx

    ^ Lives in Australia

    The voice acting is surprisingly accurate.

  • madBowers

    That was great! I’m so excited for more Yugioh Abridged!

  • Silver Sayain Cameron

    the next episode is when

  • Afro Mexican X

    This is literally the first time I’ve seen this it sounds like the pharaoh’s name should be “a pimp named slick back”

  • Tanantine

    And now the true insanity begins.

  • cyborrooster


  • cyborrooster

    is that Lani?… 0.0

  • Mana Peer

    YOU’RE ALIVE !!!!!!

    • Mana Peer

      The episode was fun. I look forward for the next.

  • Solember

    LK, I am bringing my baby again this year to Akon Dallas. Feel up for another Autograph?

  • Reign

    Dat Wind Resistance joke. glorious.

  • Sonofawhore

    Glad to see you continuing YGOTAS, LK. I been waiting on it for ages, and the new episode delivered well. Good start, decent jokes, and amazing editing (props to 1KidsEntertainment!).

    I’m already pumped for more, so keep on rockin’!

  • darkalter2000

    Biker mice from mars… man I didn’t know anyone else even remembered that show.

  • SuperSaiyanGuvz21

    Wait a minute… I though all Australians sounded like Jack Atlas? Guess Yugi was wrong about that stereotype…

  • shuart24

    So, I’m assuming that Yugi’s going to be tripping on acid next episode.

  • ManBearPig06

    The Bro-DiMagio joke was hysterical, completely unexpected reference plus just the way you said it haha. “Wind resistance is just a silly myth!” should be on a shirt.

  • TheEarlOfMillenium

    Bromeo and Juliet!!! OMG, so good!

  • TheEarlOfMillenium

    We love you LK!!!!

  • xTenshix


  • MMAA


  • KazePhantom

    I wish TFS would highlight LK’s videos on the website’s main page.

    • TheEarlOfMillenium

      So do I! His videos kinda go unnoticed here…

  • DanGreensAnnoyingBrother

    Save for the lame Rex and Weevil segment, this is a great episode.

    • ChristophTSS

      I believe it was supposed to be lame; LK is making fun of how cliche his own joke has become.

  • Final_Oblivion

    I can’t believe I’ve missed this!

  • lostsomething

    What are the odds of, purely at random, stumbling on *two* entirely unrelated Biker Mice From Mars references in one day?

    More importantly, yay Darts!

  • LittleKuriboh’s back baby!

  • AwkwardAlan

    I just came…

    to this webside!

    … But I also had n orgasm

    • AwkwardAlan

      website you dumba*s -.-

  • Edema

    WAIT!! Y-you got Kyle Herbert to voice the Narrator?!?! GOHAN???!!!

  • WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings

    Oh no. Its australian Joey!

  • crazydude99


    • funkeymonkeyedc

      Unless He Has Already Recorded It, It Will Not Come Martian (Little Kuriboh) Is Sick )’:

  • starmarx39

    Oh my. It really IS up. Weird. I’m so used to the youtube notifications.

  • ChristophTSS

    “Ancient Weviathawn, hea my cwy, the cwy of Dartz, weader of the Owicacamalos! Wake up, and do some weeeeally cwazy sh*t, mayn!!!”

    OMEG I love this season already.

  • SnowyDragoon

    Also, did The DMG even say anything?

  • SnowyDragoon

    I kinda hope when dartz gets serious, his hair stops changing color and he has a normal voice.

    • I take it you haven’t seen Evil Council?

    • crazydude99

      His voice and crazy hair colour are meant to be like that Wacth EVIL council

      • SnowyDragoon

        I know, I watched the evil councils, but i still want it to happen

  • daniel skopic

    Yes lk is back

  • theeshyguy


  • Silver Sayain Cameron

    finally this is out

  • WingedKuribohGirl

    LOL. I fucking love this! Can’t wait to show it to my friends!

  • Fried Chips

    This may sound stupid, but isn’t orichalcos supposed to have a gold-red color? Why is it blue?
    Anyway, this was so funny!!! Dartz and his rainbow hair are finally here and God knows I cannot wait to see Yami try to play Mr. Nice Guy. XD Welcome back LK!!! 😀

    • Doc Twisted

      It’s bluish green in every depiction I’ve seen. I even own the card, it’s not even remotely gold or red.
      Maybe you saw some censored version?

      • Fried Chips

        Haha no, I am refering to the actual metal. The term “orichalcos” is greek and come from Plato’s description of Atlantis’s walls. Orichalcos is actually a bronze or red-gold metal, depending on the quality of the mixing materials used to create it. My actual question was more rethorical, aiming at the general idea of orichalcos being blue instead of its real color. As I said, it was a stupid question, induced by sleep deprivation. XD

    • jpic89

      I do believe you are confusing it with orichalcum. No doubt the name Orichalcos was derived from the name of the metal, given the whole Atlantis setting, but the actual metal was still called Orichalcum.

      • Fried Chips

        Maybe. The greek term is Orichalcos, both about the seal in Yugioh and the metal so I thought the same went for the english translation. 🙂

  • acefolkers

    we get it youre from space australia!

  • DTroySylar

    4 seconds in and I LOVE IT

  • RanulfFlambard4

    Yay!!!! This makes me very happy!!! Dartz is my favourite character of all time and I am SO EXCITED!!!! Thank you LK for being awesome!!!!

  • NCHaskew

    How in the name of beauty did you manage to get Kyle fucking Hebert to narrate?

  • ChristophTSS

    This season is already amazing, and it’s only been one episode. Cannot wait to see Douchebag Yami later in the season in the duel with Raphael.

  • SaiyanTimeLord

    Let’s give a warm welcome to Dartz to the series proper!

  • Nerd1490

    That was an awesome episode I see how good you’ve gotten since the beginning.

  • dan.washington

    Awesome job on the episode! I laughed a bunch but didn’t get the martian motorcycle joke. Maybe its because I’m an idiot like Tristan…

    • Foogalicious

      Biker Mice From Mars. Was a 90s cartoon. Loved it as a kid

  • solidkratos

    The Voice actor of Gurimo, Tomamoto, sounds just like the original it makes it this episode even cooler

  • Ahuevo!!! nowacking como la maga XD

  • SuperSaiyanGuvz21

    He’s BAAACK, Maaaayyyynnn!!! 😎

  • cpudude30k

    This season is going to be amazing, when I heard Dartz in the Con promos, I could already tell this was going to be a good season. Can’t wait for the rest!

  • yugiohphoenix

    i love this episode, but i really hope there will be more of mariks evil councils in the future

  • IrisixMarik


  • Lauchstange

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the season!

  • MalkavianRP

    Next i want you to steal Mai Valentine’s d*ck

  • ceadail

    The Wait was completely wort it. now its time to wait & wait & wait until episode 65.