Smells like good ideas.

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Takahata101 as Dartz
BoobsMcBalrog as ???????

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  • eirak

    where is ep 65?

  • Quto

    You think that almost after all this time, they could simply send their friends over and beat their heads with a shovel… In fact, would make a lot of sense on how Yugi wins 99% of his duels. He challenges a guy to a duel, tells Joey to beat him over the head with a shovel. The two take his wallet, his deck and his clothes… Scary to think that’s all they need to do to solve 99% of all their problems.

    When he duels Pegasus through the TV, he turns it off and Joey could ask “Yug, how do we take his stuff?” The two decide to go to duelist kingdom all so they could rob the guy….

  • actionhotdog05

    coiffio!! pwepawre de battel twee!!

  • ecroose

    Holy shit, i just finished watching the first season, and its really obvious to see how far this show has come. especially with the new voices for yugi and mai.

  • Warski19

    This is fucking fantastic. I was crying with laughter and I loved the Yamcha reference.

  • ShadowsCall

    This was pretty damn near perfect. It was a really long, terrible week and this was just the thing to end it on a high note. You’ve cured me before I could become a little ball of stress and frustration. Thank you.

  • SoySauce

    You know, I can’t help but remember Yugi mentioning that anybody making references to other abridged series would have their knees broken in by a wrench. Specifically, his wrench. Did that stop applying?

    • Salas

      I am guessing that since TFS is hosting the series here due to Youtube’s consistently banning, they get a pass.

  • nlough

    I’m a little that upset that Kaiba didn’t make a “Mokuba’s been kidnapped” joke when Mokuba didn’t respond over the intercom.

  • daleksider

    team fourstar logo @ 5.57

    • daleksider

      sorry 1.18 and .31

  • Luca_from_space_Italy

    OMG clicking on little kuribos without hope bit then actually getting this *_*

    • BlueshadesTM

      Did exactly the same!! Haven’t watched in ages its brilliant to see this series still going!

  • darkalter2000

    Where is episode 65? Is this episode mislabled?

    • darkmgirl

      episode 65 “Puzzled Shipping” is only on youtube.

    • Violet_Runner

      In another few hours the sun will rise.

  • Nagato Yamiyo

    Is it me or did it sound like Kaiba was about to say God dammit Nappa?

  • MasterSenpai

    another brilliant episode, as always

  • xbon

    god damn, new eps so good. it’s great I randomly check lk’s page on tfs every now and then or I’d miss this stuff.

  • darkmgirl

    Where is episode 65????

    • Violet_Runner

      In another few hours the sun will rise.

  • TheLelouch17

    Next episode: Rex & Weevil Do America

    • Violet_Runner

      In America!

  • bigdunka

    “I do not know what this “Yamcha” is, but it sounds disappointing.”

    • daleksider

      it japanese for useless bitch