Don’t give no matches to Mikey.


blackrose1m as Mikey
Nowacking as Dark Magician Girl

Special thanks to Ezekieru and 1KidsEntertainment for editing the vid

  • Xurreal .

    Is that the Atlas Park City Hall theme as a News Melody?

  • DmUra91

    I would love for Kaiba to go home, look up wars involving Kaiba Corp, and find out there was one between My Country and Another Country. Bonus points if Kaiba offers to just pay for education and reparations to the region to make Mikey more of an a** if he chooses vengeance over restoration.

  • procrastinator_brad

    wth is the police girl doing here

  • haltornalf

    Gotta say Kaiba’s voice seems a bit lazy in this episode. He have a cold or something?

  • TheEarlOfMillenium

    Loooooved it! Great job!
    It took me some time to figure out the whole “bridge” thing…and then I totally cracked!

  • Lazy Prinny

    This was an especially good episode! I never watched this arc as a kid, so the fact that it still is great to me must be a good thing. This series has entertained me greatly over the years, and it is great to see that the show is still going strong.

    As an aside, is there a particular reason that episode 65 is not on this site?

  • tgfbando

    When the next ep y’all take a long time

  • youri

    For actual children!
    My god, this show is still hilarious!

  • rboss

    “Screw the rules, I have money!!”
    ??? – 02/15/2016

  • Murk

    This was fantastic. My cheeks hurt from laughing.

  • rocklee


  • Poshnoodles

    Ha! Great stuff! Contrary to the video’s claim, it’s still as funny as it ever was!

  • dan.washington

    Mikey smells like Naruto piss.

  • worm

    I love it. keep it up.

  • ArcainusTheTremere

    Love this series altogether!

  • peterhendry10

    Wow the animation really changed!

  • peachydingo

    OMG I marathoned the abridged series, and just decided to check if maybe there was a new episode out, and MAN am I lucky! This made my night!

    • Rpastore

      lol same!!!

  • Bleyshock

    Oh, more “´Bridges” jokes, i love it.

  • miss_sephira

    I’ve been following TaS since the beginning, and I was dreading getting to this season. I /hated/ this season. They undid their own mythology, so much character development (*cough Mai cough*)… Thank you, LK, for making this season finally watchable.

  • SSJB_Vegeta

    “save the world or defeat Yugi” I know which one I will choose to do

    • Salas

      Why, the third option obviously! “Save the Yugi and defeat the world”…I think I did it wrong.

      • Kawwmoi

        Screw the world, I have Yugi! Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

  • *cough*

    I may not agree with littlekuriboh on a lot of thing, but no one, and I mean NO ONE can argue that he is a brilliant and funny writer!

    • xbon

      a diehard christian could man, cuz they believe yugioh game of teh devil even speaking of it puts u in da gates of hell.

  • AfterShocK

    Only registered in order to make the following comment:

    • rboss

      Only logged in order to say:
      your “hmmm” comment (in my browser) goes outside the comment box, and into the video links.

      Don’t know if that’s intentional or a glich, but it was funny.

  • snakekill321

    I had to make an account to comment but goddamn it LK i love your stuff man. whenever im depressed i just marathon YGOTAS and it cheers me up youre an aamzing person and i love every video you put out

  • imgettingtoooldforthisship

    “Now I can stop doing that ridiculous voice” got a big laugh from me. Loved all the jokes about breaking the rules in the duel too. Thanks for the laugh, really needed it tonight.

  • Tolvan

    This episode was REALLY good.

  • MalkavianRP

    really, no one else gonna comment? oh well. this was good. Unfortanetly seeing this just after Deadpool so i need time for this to process

    • MasterSenpai

      think thats bad, try playing an assassins creed game after watching patema inverted. it fucks with you, man

  • MalkavianRP

    really, no one else gonna comment? oh well. this was good. Unfortanetly seeing this just after Deadpool so i need time for this to process