Do not, my friends, become addicted to the new episode. It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence!


BoobsMcBalrog as Mai Valentine

Edited by Ezekieru and OneKids

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  • Singe

    Great episode.

    I could picture the Yugi vs Rafael first duel in the Abriged sense.
    1. Yami Yugi calling Rafael out on complaining about Tributing a game mechanic.
    2. Eatos the Unionizer and all of Yami Yugi’s monsters in the graveyard unionize.
    3. When faced with the stares of his monsters, Yami Yugi calls Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl hypocrites since they need Tributes to be Tribute Summoned.
    4. Yami Yugi calls Timaeus a pussy for being a coward and regrets not grabbing one of the others.

    • Ubersupersloth

      I don’t think Raphael’s speech about “replacing your monsters with stronger ones” isn’t about tributing but about power creep. For example, Yugi now has Obnoxious Celtic Guardian instead of Celtic Guardian in his deck.

  • nmay165

    Its nice to see this series still going after all this time! Love it

  • youri

    So few comments on these videos, this show is underrated

  • youri

    So few comments, this show is seriously underrated

  • See, I watched Yu-Gi-Oh back when it was on Kid’s WB, but I never watched GX or anything since. I also stopped playing the card game once the original series ended, as kids on the playground moved on to the next fad. What I’m trying to say is, I had to fucking google search “pendulum summoning”, and now I am so mad that that’s a thing now. Fuck you, Yami. Why ya always gotta ruin Duel Monsters, huh?

  • Mou Hitori No Boku

    RIP Mai’s wonderful, totally realistic sounding voice. You will be missed.

  • bemcint

    Am I seriously the ONLY ONE who recognizes that Mai’s boobs got smaller under the Seal of Orichalcos’ influence?

  • JKerx

    Is Kaiba a biker?

    They all sound like him and have about as much personality too.

  • splat_phastkyl

    It sounds as if Mia’s voice has died.
    I can’t wait for the memorial.

    Was she running with scissors, too?
    … or was it Tristan with the scissors, again?

  • LittleKangaroo19

    First, episode comments. This had me roaring with laughter all the way through, and even though I didn’t see the Mad Max movie(s), though I’m told the latest one was fantastic, I still had a great time watching it. I think my favorite part might’ve been Tristan making the gas station explode, but it’s hard to choose a favorite part from an episode as funny as this. I’m really enjoying where this arc is going, this is my favorite of the original series, though I have to say I am super anxious to find out what you do about what happens during Yugioh episode 158. (Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen) Considering it’s an extremely emotional scene, I almost don’t want it to be parodied. But I feel confident I’ll enjoy whatever results.
    Second, I have to tell you about the new movie, the Dark Side of Dimensions. I guess you could call it a plug-in or review or whatever, but I’m in Japan right now and I just saw it. PLEASE please see it as soon as you get the chance, and I know to each their own on sub vs dub, but please please see it subbed first to get the full effect, because who the hell knows what 4Kids will do to it when they get around to it. They might ruin the effect completely, I don’t know. All I know is that it was breathtaking in the theater, and hearing it in Japanese. In my opinion, out of all the Yugioh movies it is the most deserving of the title, and probably the best thing the franchise as ever produced (though I admit I haven’t seen all of the spin-offs). If you’ve been wondering what it’s been like, I’m here to tell you that it is absolutely fantastic, incredible, amazing, and a thousand more positive adjectives. I suppose I must criticize the ending, which honestly felt a little rushed, but if nothing else it was all made up for by Kaiba.
    I’ll end it here before I end up spoiling too much. I’m afraid I’m on a bit of an emotional high right now. Thanks so much for the new episode, I know you’ve been hard at work lately, and I want to say I really appreciate everything you do. It always makes me smile and relax on a long day, and your series has honestly been the starter of some of my closest friendships. Keep being magical, and take care.

  • DmUra91

    Nice episode 1 throwback there.

  • Suzuna18

    Yesh, a new episode~ I’m happy to see more~I missed them all

    • Salas

      I’m always glad to see new episodes from Little Kuriboh. Honestly his Naruto Abridged Abridged was the first series of the sort I ever saw and that decision has lead to so much enjoyment all around.