Suggest better names for Rebecca’s horse in the comments.

Special thanks to MasakoX for editing this baby!


Erika Harlacher as Rebecca
BoobsMcBalrog as Mai Valentine

  • reese fobes

    Glorious Idea good Sir! Magnifying Glass + A porn Magazine! How come the rest of humankind NEVER thought of that?

    I used to have REALLY crappy eyesight before I had a cataract removed, so I actually needed a magnifying glass to see mah porn 🙁

  • Mira Prower


  • watching this during class
    end me

  • George

    Hahaha according to my research I’m in a crap load of pain right now

  • Josh

    Loved it, as for horse names: Indiana Jones (for the archaeologist reference), Nathan Fillion, or Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • Alexandru von Carstein

    That was wise statement Yugi, well said

  • HunterX57

    I totally thought this series ended, I have to go find out where I stopped watching at…..great episode, though I don’t think I saw the start of the orichalcos? arc. (seriously don’t know how to spell that)

  • Jonathan Richard Perkins

    am i the only one who noticed that the Muffin Button is a fucking 6 star monster? Dear gomnikai it got underrated XD

  • Phyrexian_Rogue

    Call the horse Motorcycles. It would make it infinitely more suitable for having cardgames played on it.

  • Emdosis

    Horse name should be Gandalf.

  • Richard25rose25

    What a voice! Like for the crazy cartoon character!!!) I would piss myself if I would hear that voice somewhere in the grocery line.But I like how you build your story. Here is reference site that I use to build my Also helpful for education and business management simplification.

  • JimLahey420

    Holy crap! What an awesome surprise! I hadn’t checked the YGOTAS page out all year and was going to rewatch it all, and I get here and find 4 new episodes to watch! Very cool, good to see LK back making some episodes! And they were all just as good as the original run!

  • Ray Malinowski

    Horse name: Mr. Hands

  • MirrorRain

    Horse should be called “Booyah”.

  • Nero Angelo

    Love that Episode x3

  • Bradford Chalmers

    because of the song, yugi and pharoh should argue about horse name because yugi wants to call it bullseye and pharoh thinks thats a stupid name for a horse. should call it horseseye. coz its a horse… and coz pharoh has no idea what “woody” is and why toys need storys… and then they have a falling out. despite their “youve got a friend in me” song.

  • Micha Lee

    YAASSS, I’m so happy you’re still making Yugioh Abridged, fan for life! <33

  • Invader_Jim

    I’m so glad LK relocated here with TFS, especially with the new site finally in action.

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  • OneWingedRose

    Oh snap! New TFS website uses this comment system! I love this comment system!


    Side note – I’ve already seen this episode twice before, I just felt like watching it again on the new site. I verily enjoy this series… Copernicus is a stupid name for a horse.

  • IvefallenandIcantgetup

    Blue Eyes White Horsey
    or Tristan

  • procrastinator_brad

    card games on horses

    • SmokeOwnsYou

      Card Games on Horseback!?

  • Twister212

    Love this series. This is one of my favorite episodes! 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  • Solember

    Wait! Name it Yusei! Card Games on Horses

  • Solember

    The horse is now named Yugi’s Majesty. We know Rebecca want’s to ride Yugi’s Magesty.

  • SmokeOwnsYou

    This Horse shall now be known as: Super Special Seabiscuit!

  • Silverfeet

    Good episode. btw at the king of doors part melvin should have had a cameo bcuz of his history with doors.

  • Ramash907043

    That was one of the most hilarious openings that this show has.