Still gonna get less media coverage than Brangelina.

Special thanks to Krosecz of for editing this episode!

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Takahata101 as Dartz

  • Maurice Walker

    *Yami/Yugi losses to Rafael while the Seal of Oricalcos is in play* *Yugi pushes Yami out of the way*
    Yugi: Ive got this, Pharoh!
    Yami: Yugi!? What are you doing??
    Yugi: It’s funny. I always wanted to be like the Dark Magician, but compared to you, Im just a Kuriboh. So, Im using my special ability.
    Yami: But that means!-
    Yugi: Yes. I’m discarding myself from the field so no harm comes to you.

    *tears up* *dies*
    Fuck, that was so smart

  • ScreamingBeast

    I’m glad we have this site for all those times a random episode gets pulled from Youtube because of reasons

  • uknowalready

    For some reason it wont play for me, is it not available due to copyright claims?

  • Feartheswans

    You’re being Evil! Like Season 0 Evil! lol

  • Ichiby Honda

    LMAO XD <3

  • Firedog

    “You just took down that whole bridge, man! What are you, YouTube?”

    Shots fired.

    • BunnySkinning

      yeah, too bad they fired back and took the episode down 😛

      • Xidphel

        Looks like the episode didn’t stand a GHOST of a chance!

  • Celtic fag

    *Rafael looks at the card he got from Yami*
    *Sees Watapon*

    I died, laughing like a maniac

  • Draco Magnius

    Wow…I’ve never seen this season this far in…Yugi you fool why would you sacrifice yourself for the Pharaoh?! He endangered both of your lives for no reason you should have let him reap the consequences of his actions!

  • Tafrey Mongkuo

    Been watching for years now and I have got to say this has to be the best episode you’ve done LK! Amazing quality, hilarious jokes, reminds me of first season again. Great return to form!

  • Chase Heuer

    That symbol on his head thats the symbol for the men of letters from supernatural right????

  • Skylar Zenas Mullins

    you know, the pharaoh calls himself the king of games… what if he had a match with blank?

  • von Carstein Kantakouzenos

    Oh go full on evil dread lords!

  • Felix DahAwesome

    “The same tidal wave that killed your family. It’s back for revenge!”
    I couldn’t breathe for a good few moments.

  • stephanie

    hi i love it, it was so funny

  • luminozero .

    Don’t be a Kuriboh!

  • iSolidus

    Fun episode

  • RorytheRomulan

    Listening to the jabs at the writing in this episode…

    https:// com/watch?v=uneSOPqqAFw

  • Just Iron

    11:46. Best part of the episode.

  • I loved this episode especially because I remember watching this season and thinking about how bad a lot of it was and now its like i get to enjoy it again for the first time.
    More importantly is the horse okay?

  • Casey Miller

    Seeing the Pharaoh go Season Zero was easily one of the best moments of the entire series, and that’s saying a lot. I don’t know it you’ll see this, but amazing work as always, LK!

  • Alex Williams

    This was one of the best episodes You have ever done. With TIBA going on and my English classes happening I really see what makes an episode really shine and its characters seem human. I really love the more serious moments that really show the characters motivations. I’m certainly no writer or expert, but I would have loved to see you mold the season into something you think is more suitable than the original. I REALLY loved the episode though and I can’t wait to see more. 🙂

  • Joel Waldmann

    One of the best episodes in awhile. Not surprising, considering the source material. Hey, I know it’s been a few years, but are there any plans to resume the Naruto Spoof Series anytime soon? Either way, great job on this episode!

  • Matt McKisson

    As usual, pure genius in writing. Glad to see this series pushes on after everything it has been through.

  • ventoreck


  • Alexander Northam

    Looks Like The Pharaoh misses his little Kuriboh

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