This episode is high in orichalcium.

Special thanks to OneKids, Nowacking, and xJerry64x of Elite3 for editing this episode!

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Erika Harlacher as Rebecca Hawkins
Takahata101 as Dartz

  • This is probably one of my favourite episodes, especially Kaiba’s speech and Dartz….Just Dartz XD

  • Blazejecar

    only when I watched it for the 3rd time did I realize what Kaiba’s experience with stairs was. Back in Noah’s virtual world, YGOTAS episode 54 XD Such a genius connection to the dark side of dimensions plot

  • Adam Wiese

    so kaiba is gay

    • NoTimeForThatCrap

      Only if winning were his hormones and card games were his penis.

      • Xenix1252

        which they are

  • alan duhamel

    What’s wrong with his HAIR

  • Cameron Iacono

    gumball watterson is the best pokemon

  • Just Iron

    Ha ha ha! TIBA joke / reference killed me.

  • Jesse Morey
  • GG L.K~

  • lhi05

    Love it!!

  • SpaceKid

    Kaiba is amazing when he’s breaking up with Yami. Just… a wonder to behold.

  • Ramsay Bolton

    Ha-ha-ha, you’re asking for money.

  • Bob Roos

    I think it’s just me, but the site is trying to load an ad while failing to do so, and it’s blocking the video. If I turn on Adblock-Plus I can see the video, if I turn it off I can’t.

    Another thing is that when loading the website the algorithm that determines which ads to show seems to cause a lot of lag, so it takes like 10-15 seconds to load the website. I normally keep the ad-blockers off for websites that I want to support, so I want to give you guys a heads-up, maybe look into that.

  • ponquinful

    this episode was FUCKING AMAZING. If only TFS could someday be anywhere close to as good as this. Kaiba out dicks Vegeta every episode

    • NoTimeForThatCrap

      ” If only TFS could someday be anywhere close to as good as this.”

      Lukewarm, incredibly half-hearted, piss-poor, inordinately basic attempt at trolling: failed.

  • Mr Iczer

    Weeval Wonderwood!

  • Pakari

    Camon, mehn! It’s awways fahn to due sambadeh, mahn! Onwy that will satiswy tha gweat weviafhan!

  • Zac Hansen

    I can never not hear “Frylock’s high again”

  • Roger Smith

    God damn. If Kaiba was any more sexually frustrated over the rivalry relationship he and Yugi had over a children’s card game, he’d probably have to build a bipedal mech that looked like the Dark Magician….and then have that Dark Mechgician fight his Blue Eyes Jet Dragon.

    • alexandre

      Did he do that? sounds like something he did

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  • Hex

    Tbh A space elevator is a thing people have thought about making it’s about using the earths rotation to launch rockets and satellites using less fuel

  • Invader_Jim

    Thank the Nine for Kaiba’s top shelf bantz saving this episode.

  • Sailor Mewni

    I can’t blame them for destroying Atlantica, not only did that level suck, but so did the film the level was based on.

    • David Delorenzo

      The level in the sequel was MUCH better, though.

  • Gintoki

    5 seconds in and I already had to pause the video because I was laughing too hard.

    This episode was amazing. Depressed Atem was hilarious and so was Kaiba’s tantrum at the end. You are a comedic genius LK.

  • Itachi UcHiha