All aboard the Berserker Soul train.

Special thanks to MasakoX for editing this episode!

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Takahata101 as Dartz
OneKids as Guy Who Doesn’t Like References

  • These are always worth the wait.

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  • MiareNoKo

    Now Tristan, do it without the chair. And on a single stilt. That’s the sign of an elite sitter.

  • Thomas Thomas


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  • Ismael Alvarez

    Did a dog really pee on Rex and Weevil? Like in the real series??

  • Johann Dy

    Funny I have Breaker

  • Dee Emm

    I bursted into laughter when I saw Jerry Beans Man.
    Good show.

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  • OneWingedRose

    So, something I recently noticed.

    In the episode where Yugi uses Kaiba’s “lame ass deck” against Noah back in season 3 abridged, Yugi makes fun of the fact that Kaiba’s deck has WATAPON in it!

    And yet, Yugi (since then) has been seen using Watapon on multiple occasions. Maybe it’s a secret op pick and Yugi making fun of it all the time is just to make sure other people don’t go using it against him!

    • Paul McCubbrey

      Or maybe nobody in this show can play a card game.

      Or maybe it’s an abridged series.

      Or maybe

      • OneWingedRose

        The abridged series still has continuity though, it’s not like it’s Kaiba Land.

      • Paul McCubbrey

        The continuity is everyone is an idiot and an asshole, so there’s no contradiction present.

      • OneWingedRose

        Never said there was a contradiction, merely said that it’s possible the pharaoh saw Watapon in Kaiba’s deck and had an “oh shit he’s onto something! No-one must know…” kind of moment.

        Given that the first instance we see of Watapon being mocked/used is in Kaiba’s lame ass deck when Yugi’s using it.

  • JuanTizmo

    Where did the progress bar for new episodes go?

    • OneWingedRose

      It turned into a wen broly counter.

      • JuanTizmo

        But Broly happened.

      • OneWingedRose

        And thus it disappeared into the aether… probably.

  • guadalupe alcala

    are u fucking serious is this the reason we aren’t getting dbz abridged

    • OneWingedRose

      That’s not the case at all. This isn’t even made by the same people (although Masako helps with editing in his spare time and Takahata does the voice for Dartz).

      Yu-gi-oh abridged isn’t made by TeamFourStar, it is made by LittleKuriboh and was the first series to use the term “abriged” for its fandub. It was the series that started the whole abridging craze and without it there would be no TeamFourStar, no DBZ abridged, no website for you to write your uninformed comment on.

      So say not “are u fucking serious is this the reason we aren’t getting dbz abridged” and instead say- nay, yell! Yell from the rooftops “Thank you!”
      Yell “Thank you Yugioh abridged! For even if you are not my type of humour then at least I shall declare an undying appreciation for you and the works you have done, as they have paved the way for something I rather enjoy coming into my life!” “Thank you I say, and I say again thank you!”

      Or you know, just don’t post angry comments about subjects you don’t really know about and if you’re confused, then ask questions in a polite and courteous way and you may in fact find answers that surprise and enlighten you.

      P.S – To others reading this, that third paragraph of mine was to say what this individual “guadalupe alcala” should be saying, not me personally. Let it be known that I have always and will always love and enjoy yu-gi-oh abridged and Martin’s works.

  • Roger Smith

    You know I’d like to think the Pharaoh was less inclined to be angry over the card having Yugi’s soul in it, and more on the fact that he tore up a children’s trading card. HOW DARE HE!

  • A Generic Tweeter

    Yugi has marshmellows what’s tha… OH EM GEE MARSHMALLON!! *proceeds to laugh out loud.

  • Adam Wiese

    does anyone know where the episode progress bar went

    • OneWingedRose

      It turned into a wen broly counter.

      • goku son

        no SERIOUSLY

      • OneWingedRose

        wen seriously?

      • Cameron Karge

        Pretty sure they just took it away. My guess would be because it added unnecessary pressure onto them

  • Caleb Anderson


  • Kaiser

    OMG. The second Monster Card he draws… IS MUSHROOM MAN. HE STILL HAS IT IN HIS FUCKING DECK. And the first is Watapon, the one he mocked Kaiba for using. This is the best joke in the episode.

    • Ajay Paulose

      Should’ve put in Swordsman of Landstar too.

      • Joshua Petersen

        Little does everybody know, “Heart of the cards” means “My ability to palm the card from the middle of the deck that I’ll need next.” That’s why he has lousy cards in his deck, he’s more about keeping a variety that he can palm and place when he needs them rather than playing normally.

        The way he never lets his opponent shuffle his deck (all the cards have unique edging so he can feel which is which),the way he shuffles his deck (backdrawing) and shuffles them frequently (allows him to palm as many cards as he wants), and he always holds up his cards before he plays them (letting him check the cards currently stored in his sleeve), and he’s often doing this dramatic throw his arms out before he chooses his card (letting him slip out a card from his sleeve that he’s prepped).

        Yami Yugi has all the signs of a cheating card shark.

        Though I guess it means when he’s playing in a tank top either he’s gotten way better at palming cards, or he feels confident enough to not need to use that skill.

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      • Devlyn Davey

        This… This makes so much sense. This makes TOO MUCH sense.
        That’s why whenever Yami takes over, Yugi’s deck seems to be almost completely different.
        Holy shit, the entirety of Yu-Gi-Oh makes so much more sense now, It isn’t a story about the power of friendship and justice and crap saving the world through card games, it’s about some cheating asshole getting dragged into things WAY beyond what he signed up for, and somehow coming out on top.
        If this had turned out to be a big plot-twist at the end of the series, it would have been the most awesome thing I had ever seen.

  • android19

    yes good

  • OneWingedRose

    Also, that mushroom man bit was hilarious.

  • OneWingedRose


    • Pakari


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      • Pakari

        Please don’t advertise. I now regret replying to you.

      • OneWingedRose

        But how many MONSTA CARDOs did you draw?

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      • OneWingedRose

        That’s not really an answer to my question.

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      • Pakari

        Oh, just stop! I’m trying to stay civil here, but it’s people like you who really annoy me. So please, just go away.

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      • Pakari

        Goddamn bots.

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  • Benjamin Murray-Sinicki

    These are always worth the wait.

    • WinterSolstice Bronygames

      Especially when since it is getting closer to the enemy