Could it be my destiny to be King of Games?

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Lady_Nanaki as Kriss

  • ClassyCraft57

    I’m gonna say, the last few episodes have been the best in YGOTAS in a long time.

  • decker

    who cares about yugi?
    you guys need to focus on dbz abridged
    db super is already at ep 86 you guys gotta put your priorities

    • ona5200

      …..There is so much stupid in this one comment I don’t even know where to start.

    • Squidward

      Just when i thought you couldn’t get any stupider.

      • decker

        what’s stupid db has a way bigger fan base then yougi db super is running high
        while gayho is dead.

        starting a tfs pokemon abridged where better than wasting work time on a gay card game.
        at the current phase dbz abridged goes there will be 2 seasons of db super
        before tfs gets to the boo saga there also the other movies and gt (but they can skip that)

      • Squidward

        Again, you are proving my point. Such a ungrateful donut you are. Shame.

      • ona5200

        Dude…. ignoring the fact that TFS can work on anything they want to like with the Hellsing abridged and FF7 machinama (which they already stated has NO impact on the speed DBZA come out since different people or editing them) the main reason that this comment is stupid is the fact that TFS DOES NOT MAKE YUGIOH ABRIDGED THEY JUST HOST IT HERE!!! They voice in it at times but it’s done by little kuriboh and has NO impact to DBZA in any way.

      • Tofu Waffle

        When I first read this I thought you were being sarcastic, and everyone else was overreacting. You do know that Yugioh abridged is made by LittleKuriboh, right? Aka someone not part of the writing and editing crew, and doesn’t voice any big characters in DBZA in this season.

    • king kai

      You do know the differences between the two right?

  • Alex Palo

    I’ve neither never watched the serie nor played the game, but i really enjoy this!

  • silverfeet

    Hey you gotta use yugioh duel links in an episode, there is so much to make fun of in it.

  • Adam Wiese


  • ClassyCraft57



  • Kark Ashan

    Ah yeah, Shaman King theme song.